Essential Oils

I am admittedly late to the EO party.  I have allergies, you see.  I joke that i'm allergic to air, and thats not far from the truth.  Every essential oil I've tried - up until now - has triggered a horrible allergic response from me.

Then my friend came and brought her stash of Young Living Essential Oils last month and I realized I am not allergic to Young Living!  Amazing.  :)

I am now off of prescription sleeping meds - using lavender essential oil before bed
I am now using panaway for neck pain
I am now using peppermint for headaches
I swear that Thieves in the roof of my mouth stopped a cold, well, cold, last week
I made a pain relief cream that puts bengay to shame...
and on..
and on...

And i'm diffusing every day.  My current favorite is Orange EO in the diffuser. It makes the house smell yummy.

I'm learning more about how to use them every day and its very cool.  Its like herbalism, only concentrated in a tiny little bottle of plant goodness.

If you haven't joined the EO party yet... and want to try -
Please go to and tell them you want to sign up because that way you get whole sale pricing with no commitments. Put in my ID as referring member - 2166409 - and then what i got was the "Premium Starter Kit" that has a ton of stuff including a diffuser and a dozen oils. LOVING them all so far. If you want to get points on purchases, you sign up for the essential rewards program, which just means you have an order every month - you can change / cancel / update etc before it goes in, but you get to earn points. The only way you earn on points is by being an essential rewards member. Its kind of a nobrainer

And then I'll help you however I can!

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Anonymous said...

I love orange eo in a glass of water. Yum!