Saturday, August 19, 2017

Slinky,mommy, slinky.

History lesson:

YEARS ago - we cant' remember how many, but he was little enough to be sitting in the cart at Lowes, we took Dominic to Lowes and while we were there he fixated on those little plastic spiral bracelets that look somewhat like slinkies.  He got a couple that night.   He has not mentioned or played with them since.

We are currently fixing up our laundry room - there's been a perpetual leak in the foundation so we've taken everything out (the garage is now brimming), stripped it down to the foundation and will be laying tar tonight.  As such we've had some Lowes purchases of late.

Today we went to Lowes for the miscellaneous stuff for this project after we went out for dinner.  When we mentioned on the way to dinner that we were going to Lowes, Dominic started asking for a slinky.  Huh. okay.

We had dinner at our favorite sushi joint, and then went over to Lowes. Dominic was still talking about slinkies and I looked at Rod and said "you don't think he means those bracelets, do you"  Rod didn't think so.

We get our stuff, go to checkout, pay and the next thing i know, Dominic has handed this to the cashier.

This child has a phenomenal memory and as the neurological connections are coming back, amazing things are happening.  go #primemybodyHEMP and #ioncleansebyamd - amazing combination. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Someone is ready for school to start

Today is Tuesday. School starts Friday. This morning, Dominic got up, got dressed, brushed his teeth, helped me take care of the ducks and then he got his school identification lanyard out of his coat pocket from last spring (seriously??? he not only remembered he put it in a pocket and went back to get it, but he knew he needed it for school?), put it and his angel sense on, put on his new Dr Who backpack that I set up yesterday and informed me it was time to go to school.

He then insisted I reprogram the dining room clock to 7:04 instead of 8:04 which was very odd. He was quite agitated about it. I have no idea what that was about but he was insistent. 

He's currently off getting a haircut with Daddy because the whole "Time to go" "Wheres the bus" was getting a bit old.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Vivint gives back....

We have had a security system in our home since about the 4th day we moved in, 20 years ago.  I've joked that it was $50/mo for peace of mind.

So when our doorbell rang a few weeks ago and it was someone selling a home security system, its a minor miracle i didn't slam the door in his face. I dislike solicitors. For whatever reason (and truly I don't know why), I let him spiel me. 

He talked about how much technology had changed since our old system  - now its all cellular, no more landline (and since ours did actually get cut once at the phone box, just the line for the security, this was an issue); there's better sensors (no more wiring a million things thru the house, they're all wireless; and we could have, among other things, a doorbell camera and a voice activated Alexa from amazon and a NEST thermostat all linked together.

I did what I always do and told him we would sleep on it. Any product that cannot withstand 12 hours of consideration, isn't one I want.  And I posted on facebook, asking if any of my friends had a Vivint.  And they did.  One posted something to the effect of "Did you know that Vivint sponsors NAA and you can get a reduced rate through the Vivint Gives back program".  I didn't.  Because my sales guy didn't tell me.   so I got connected with the right person for that program, made arrangements and scheduled an install.  When the door to door guy (DTDG) came back the next day, the conversation went something like this

Me - I was planning on telling you yes...
DTDG -  face falls
Me = and then i found out about the vivint gives back program, here's a paper with how much it costs
DTDG - HOLY CRAP do you know what kind of savings this is???  This is better than an employee discount!!! WOW!!!!
Me - If you had told me about this last night, I wouldn't have needed to think about it.
DTDG - I didn't know about it.
Me  - you do now.

I did make sure that DTDG got the commission since I made him sit in my dining room answering questions for an hour.

And I did tell the Vivint Gives back coordinator I'd write a blog to hopefully further get the world out in the Autism Community that this company recognizes how big an issue that wandering is for our kids and is helping.

If you are interested in learning more, join this facebook group:

Sunday, August 13, 2017


We went to a wedding as a family last night.

Let that statement settle in.


this is something that even a year ago we would not have even attempted to bring Dominic along for.  The wedding was for our friends Katie and Audree and i knew that they would be absolutely cool if there were any .... issues.   We also planned to leave pretty early - it started at 7:30pm which is actually heading into bedtime for Dominic so we figured he'd crash and burn pretty early.

Not only were there not any issues, it was 10 before we left.

We went to dinner at a fun little irish tavern on our way.

Dinner time selfie

Dipping BBQ wings into Curry sauce.  I don't get it either, but lets call it a Palate Expanding WIN.

Beautiful Brides

It was after the wedding itself, however, that we got to the part that was truely astonishing. I knew that Dominic was bored during cocktail hour, and so I was over the moon ecstatic when he spent nearly the entire reception dancing, playing chase, and generally having a wonderful time. 

Dominic and Amelia (Melly)

He's like  SMILE and She's like "Dude, stop"

This morning - all he could talk about was the cake. 

the changes we've been seeing are absolutely amazing. Every person at the wedding last night who has known us for a while had their socks knocked off at the undeniable progress. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

7th grade, here we come!!

Today, I went over to the middle school and registered Dominic for 7th grade.  while I was there, I had a minor melt down and nearly made the "attendent" behind the health area cry because I yelled at her for bullying parents with this sign:

Here's how it went down
Me - "You realize you're lying to parents and bullying them, with that sign, right"
Me, Louder so the people behind me can hear - "State law in Colorado says you can and will accept signed religious,philosophical, and medical exemptions"
Her, trying to hush me  - we do accept exemptions
Me - then you need to change your flier to include "OR approved exemption"
Her -  the nurse made these
Me - Guess I'll be calling her.

then I followed up by speaking with the admin who we've known from Dominic's entrance to Kindergarten because she also moved to the middle school who told me it was likely a district thing and to email the principal.  Guess who I'm emailing today....

Update: after I drafted an email and sent it to the principal, I did a little bit further digging in the state law. State law in Colorado actually says that on all paperwork regarding immunizations the school is legally required to advise parents of their exemption rights. So I printed that off, drove myself back to the school and handed it to the principal. I advised him that my expectation was they would be emailing every parent of every child in the school to clarify their vaccine policy. I also ensured that they removed all copies of the flyer that did not follow the law. I told the principal in person that if this was a district directed flyer, to give me the name of the person at the district to take it up with and I will happily do so.

After I registered Dominic, I popped in to say hello to his teacher and happened upon the speech therapist that we've had in and out of his school career for all of it... She's happily back with us. I yapped with her for a solid hour.

When I showed her the Laundry video from a little while ago, as an example of how much progress Dominic has made this year, she literally wept while repeating "he is answering questions, he is answering questions" with her hands over her mouth.  Absolutely blew her away. I told her, and i know she gets it because we've know her for 7 years, that for the first time in a long time, I'm allowing myself to have a glimmer of hope...

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Best dentist visit ever !!

We have been seeing Dr Callahan for Dominic's whole life.  Our first dental visit was actually pre-regression, so Dr C has been around for the whole rollercoaster ride.

Today, Dominic had his first cleaning since we added braces to the mix.

The hygienist was so impressed at the fact that I didn't have to leave my chair to get his hands out of the way; hold his mouth open; cue him THE ENTIRE VISIT, that she was nearly in tears.  See my view????

Then, the doctor himself was blown away by the fact that the orthodontia is working.  He had insisted we were going to have to pull adult teeth because Dominic has such a small mouth.  Nope.  We've made room and we've done it without a palate expander / head gear / surgery.  WIN!

This is hands down the best dental visit Dominic has had in his entire life. We are all agog!

Then we dropped Dominic off at camp (its his last week), and popped over to meet his new SPED teacher.  Because of all the progress he's made this summer, we were planning on asking her to call the IEP meeting for earlier rather than later.  We were pleasantly suprised that she agreed wholeheartedly and we'll end up doing it after she has a few weeks to get familiar with him. We are thrilled that she's going to be doing a significant amount of life skills work with him this year - she mentioned cooking, shopping, and the like.   He will get PE daily, as well, and this year he will get to dress out, so he will have a gym bag as well as a backpack to carry.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Water week!!

Every week they have themes at the YMCA day camp that we have Dominic at.  This week's theme was WATER

Fortunately for him, he just the end of the week before passed his green band swim test which means he could go anywhere in the pool (he swam a lap without touching, and treaded water for 60 seconds). So he got to really have fun this past week.

The counselor who works most with him sometimes sends me pictures... and I love it when she does because I get good ones like these:

this cracked me up. I want to know if they had the entire 60+ kids washing cars...  look at the focus on his face

This is the one that made me wince and ask for time to stop. He looks like a teenager.  Had he not passed his green band swim test (hence the green necklace you see), he wouldn't have been allowed to do this. How much fun!!

And just for the cute factor - here he is NOT french kissing the dog.  Its taken FOREVER to teach him to close his mouth when Kumar kisses him.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Baseball.... no, really

When I picked Dominic up from camp today, his counselor was nearly jumping and squealing with excitement.


Because he played baseball. AND HE HIT THE BALL (I can't even do that), and the ran the bases.  TWICE.

*mic drop*


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Laundry - another first

This morning, Dominic stuck his head in Kumar's crate, and announced "EW, STINKY".  So I had him pull ALL the dogs bedding and start a load of laundry with it.  I moved it to the dryer while he was at camp, and on our way home, I told him it was dry and he needed to help me fold it.

This ensued.

Someone needs to pinch me.  I guess folding towels is his new job, and next up I get to teach him to fold the other laundry.

Checking those ADL's right off.


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sensory avoidance - REDUCING

Back story -

Dominic has been in chiropractic care now for nearly 6 years, with one doctor or another.  When we started, I literally had to lay on top of him to get him to not hit/kick/bite the chiropractor.    He gradually started asking for it, knowing it helped, but also continued fighting adjustments because, sensory.

When our longstanding Chiro retired a year-ish ago, it took a bit to find another that was the right fit I ended up taking him up to a doctor who is also a special needs dad, who had been adjusting me for a few months at that point.  This was first doctor who told me that on a spectrum, kids with Autism have tone similar to kids with CP, like about halfway as bad.  Our current MAPS doc who is a chiropractor as well has since agreed with that statement.

Anywho.  Dominic fights the neck adjustment a lot lately, but he also knows it helps. He's been doing this weird neck thing trying to adjust it himself for a few days, to the point we knew he was probably in a lot of pain.  he actually put his shirt over his head ala beavis and butthead when he sat in the chair.

I thought he was a HOT MESS, way worse that he'd ever been.  Per Doc, nope, actually better - he was no longer flinching away when just touched, and he wasn't as badly out of alignment as he has been in the past.  He relaxed into the adjustment.  The sensory avoidance is fading fast.   Doc is over the moon at how well he's doing.

While it makes me so sad to think that he's been hurting so bad that the simplest touch sent him into super pain, I'm incredibly grateful we've finally found something that is reducing his inflammation to the point that his body is healing and coming back into balance. Its so disconcerting to see him do this neck thing. I gave him an extra dose of CBD today to hopefully get us over the hump.


In other news... this was my facebook status last night

We bought one of those FIR saunas at autism One, primarily for Daddy because he is cold a lot due to medication. We let Dominic try it once a few weeks ago. It lives in the master bedroom closet which is between the bathroom and master bedroom. Our pattern for bedtime is to sit on our bed and supervise the shower from hearing range as Dominic usually needs help dispensing shampoo and conditioner. So tonight I was laying in bed surfing the internet and telling him to get in the shower and he was talking to me. And I was not hearing water running. And I finally got up and found him sitting in the sauna in his underwear, sweating.    He'd been there a few minutes.  He did it spontaneously and independently.

Monday, July 24, 2017

~~2 month PMB-aversary~~

Today is 2 months since we started giving Dominic this amazing hemp oil. As I believe I've mentioned multiple times, this is the 6th type of Hemp oil I've given to Dominic (Fun Fact, a pharmaceutical  company in England has a global patent on the acronym CBD, so you'll really just usually see me refer to it as HEMP.  Same thing).  This is the first that has really helped us.  Here's what we've seen this month:

An actual awareness of the amount of time passing, that I've never seen in him before.
Playing with his peers instead of alone ...
Reduction of routine rigidity. (say that 5x fast)
Change in his sodium cravings (still blown away by this)
He passed a swimming test at the Y!!!!!!
He made a friend, with a peer, his age and grade...  without parental intervention.
His communication is going through the ceiling - both receptive and expressive..
He has learned how to use a waterpik for his teeth and is using it daily.  Sensory boy is allowing this!!!
Cognition and independence! Multiple Examples!!
And he blew away his long time OT, Jonny the other night too.

In general, I really feel like the Hemp oil, because if its delivery method, is our missing piece to heal Dominic's brain injuries.  In seeing what its doing with other kiddo's that have started since we did, I'm seeing that it may be pretty adaptogenic, that when the CB2 receptors are cleaned out and cellular communication is reestablished, these kids start to come into homeostasis.

Our pattern with this supplement is similar to what we saw when we started the Ioncleanse by AMD (which, yes, we are still doing.  The IC is our foundational protocol because D's PON1 pathway is full of mutations so his body cant move things through) - we started seeing little things at first and as the weeks go by the little things have gotten much bigger.   There's an interesting synergy here and i'm not sure how it will play out long term.  In the mean time, we're going to keep on going!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Fix it

After I picked Dominic, Timon, and Pumba up from camp today, and we got home, Dominic came straight inside and said "Mommy, fix it", with Timon held tightly in his hand.  Almost as if he were holding him together.

He was.

Timon had popped a seam, and Dominic took me by the hand to my sewing machine that, when closed, doubles as my bedroom catch-all.  he uncovered the machine while asking me to fix it.  After a failed search for a needle (this was NOT a machine job), we ran to the store to get one, came home, and he helped me fix it.

These glimpses of normalcy are so astonishing.

Here's Timon...

Here we are deciding what to do. I cannot get over how attentive and present he is in this video:

Then he helped me sew it up.

... just another day over here in recoveringland.....


Last night... 

Its been about 5 weeks since Dominic has gotten OT because we've had scheduling issues, people have been in and out of town, etc.  So last night was the first time we had seen Mr Jonny in quite a while.  To say Mr Jonny was gobsmacked is an understatement.  We were doing some evals, so we went to Jonny's office.  this is how it went down.

We walked into Jonny's office and Dominic spontaneously tucked his Timon and Pumba animals into my purse and zipped it up, then he sat down at the table and proceeded to pull tiny dice out of theraputty while Jonny and I talked.  When Jonny asked what's changed, I called Dominic over to me, had him sit in my lap and massaged his neck - something he would NEVER have allowed 2 months ago.  Then Dominic noticed an hourglass timer in the window and wandered over to play with it.  Jonny asked him, once, over his shoulder to go put the theraputty away.  And he did.  Then they did a standardized test to attempt to see where he is age wise (i'm excited about this, the last one of these on file has him aged at under 5, if memory serves. I want to say 3, but I might be getting it crossed with speech, which reminds me when Miss Sarah comes back off maternity leave, I need to ask her to do a speech eval.  SQUIRREL) and I'm anxious to hear the scoring. Dominic ROCKED the tasks I saw him do on it, so we'll see what comes.

At the end of the session, These were the improvements Jonny and I agree have come into play since we added PMB Hemp oil May 24:

- Reduction in tactile avoidance
- Reduction in sensory seeking behavior
- Increase in processing speed, specifically auditory
- Increase in conversational back and forths (lots of work left here, don't mistake me)
- Tremendously more present, in fact both Jonny and Hannah mentioned that in Dominic's recent pictures, he just looks very THERE.
- huge increase in focus
- huge increase in fine motor control


This morning.

He got all his things together and we left for camp after breakfast.  I thought he was verbally stimming, because he kept saying "Timon and Pumba" (the names of his current favorite toys), and i just proceeded with letting the words flow through my head.  We got about 2 blocks away from the house, he very clearly said "STOP CAR".  So I did.  And then he said "Go home timon and pumba".  I asked if he needed to go back to the house and he said yes.  When we pulled back into the driveway, I told him he needed to hurry and sent him inside.   The boy RAN to his bedroom, grabbed his Timon and Pumba and was shoving them into his backpack as he ran back upstairs, looked at me and said "hurry".  And then we went to camp.