Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tales from Home Based Therapy - Writing!

Interestingly enough, what we've observed in Dominic lately is that he will absolutely focus beautifully for writing words out.  He has a VERY hard time focusing for reading.  I believe this is a vision issue still, and am hopeful we can resolve it with the OT vision exercises we are doing, as the vision therapy piece took insurance months to reimburse. 

So here he is today, writing words, sounding them out,a nd then reading back what he (legibly!!) wrote.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hermetic Homeopathy, Week 3

this week was week 3 of our homeopathy protocol.... the first week of the gold remedy which is the one on which most people see aggravations / stalling of progress.

We have seen some small nuances, but nothing huge.

There was the riding of the camel, alone, at the Renassiance festival on Saturday

And on Monday night, after his finished OT, I told him to go downstairs and take a shower.  Usually this means I have about 2 minutes before he is screaming for me to come down and supervise.  He didn't.  I wandered down about 5 minutes later and he was naked and putting himself in the shower, with both large dogs already crated.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Renaissance festival 2016

We made our traditional trek to the Renaissance festival on Saturday and I'm just now getting to uploading pictures.

It was the perfect day - cool and rainy.   This is Dominic's friend the crane.

Rain bedraggled family pic...

This is huge.  Every year we've gone since Dominic regressed he LOVED riding the animals.  Specifically the Elephant and the camel.  So we pay to ride.  By the time we got to the camel, I only had enough cash left for one person to ride.  It was a tremendous debate, because there is no seatbelt and i've always been afraid he'd not pay attention to holding on - so I always ride with him.

We decided to try.

And he ROCKED riding the camel by himself.  Best $5 i've spent in ages.

then came the petting zoo, where he fed every animal he could.   They are quite tame.

We were sitting in the shade (rain had stopped) and I snapped this.  I love it. FANTASTIC picture. 

More playing with the camera.  I think he looks absolutely mischevious here.

And, as always, a dip in the wishing well pond on the way out.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tales from home based Therapy - rocking out speech Aug 2

I got all three of these videos today during Dominic's speech therapy session.  he is doing SO well, its awesome.

I caught the very beginning of the session - where he picks what he's going to do for the day. Miss Sarah has a visual chart for both the schedule and for sad faces if he doesn't comply.  (10 sad faces, which he's NEVER gotten, mean he doesn't get his reward at the end).

The rest of this first video is some of his rhyming work:

The second video is working on sight words. He got REALLY bored with flash cards, so now she is using a simple book to help him learn his sight words.  He's really making astonishing progress.  Look at the FOCUS

And the final is him putting together sentences with an iPad app - the program reads him a sentence and he has to then unscramble the words and put them in order.

Normally we get 6 different things in a 45 minute speech session.  So this is about half of the things he would do on a normal session.

Whats awesome to me is that he's sitting, entirely willingly at the table, he's focused, he fully engaged. Its fantastic.  He is making wonderful progress.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hermetic Homeopathy, Week 2 diary, 23-29 July

 Week 2 - I didn't do a very good job of jotting things down as they happened, but there are some things that stuck out about the week.

Platinum days 4-7
Day 4 - This was a sheet changing day and Dominic did something brand new.  he came into the linen closet and emphatically asked for Angry Birds (a set of his sheets).  I got them for him and then he helped make his own bed.  He probably did 50% of it.

Nickel, days 1-3
The 27th - This was field trip day at the Y and they went to the space museum.  On the way there, the schoolbus they were riding in got in a fender bender when a car hit it.  It had a flat tire.  Dominic hung tight with minimal anxiety while they waiting 45 minutes for a replacement bus and then went on to have an excellent time at the museum.

He had a good amount of anxiety every day of the week around me picking him up from camp.  Very emotional in general.

One day this week, a counselor recounted to Rod this story... It was lunch time, and Dominic got his lunch box and sat down to eat, but the rest of the kids were horsing around.  He wouldn't eat until his peers sat with him and he got flat out upset to the point of tears that they didn't sit down right when it was time for lunch. 

He had really good therapy sessions all week.  On the 28th, he was doing speech therapy and hadn't had time to have a meal right before (we have discovered he does MUCH better therapeutically when he is full rather than empty), and he was very hungry.  midway through, he looked up and REALLY fast said "isdinnerreadyyet".  then he said it again. Our ST and I were both amazing.  A whole sentence, albeit run together... spontaneously.

We've been working on his OT exercises to integrate the specific primitive reflexes which impact speech.  Mr Jonny told me last night that Dominic's speed at progressing with the exercises is astonishing.  That he is used to seeing the kind of proficiency we have achieved with the ones we're working on in a matter of months not a week ish. 

He's falling asleep without help (melatonin, etc).   For the first time in almost 8 years.  Mind boggling.

This morning, Daddy had to go teach a yoga class.  First time EVER that we can remember - Dominic said spontaneously "Daddy, Class?".  Instead of daddy, bye. 

I think that the combination of brain balance primitive reflex reintegration and hermetic homeopathy is incredibly synergistic and we are seeing really positive things.  I know that the big HH gains come during the gold period, which we start next week. It lasts a month.   Its really weird to be giving almost no supplementation, and he's still muscle testing no for footbaths.   If this protocol gets us conversational speech AND reduces our dependency on a plethora of supplements i won't know how to behave.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hermetic homeopathy diary, week 1 15-22 July

I like to journal the little things I see during a new protocol so that i can remember them later when I come back to look.

Day 1:  Constitutional Remedy
- Dominic and i have had a routine at camp in the afternoon  When I pick him up, I ask him how his day was and he says "swimming fun".  That's been the routine ALL summer.  Today, I got there, he came running up to me and said "swimming fun!!" without me asking.  a peer of his told me he had an AWESOME day.  This morning, about 2 hours after his first dose, he gave me a hug and said "i love you" spontaneously for the first time outside our very entrenched bedtime routine.   He muscle tested NO for an ioncleanse footbath which is odd, but we'll go with it.

day 2 Constitutional Remedy
- took him to see finding dory and he cried at the sad parts.  emoting entirely normally.  Then he played in the fountain

Day 3, constitutional remedy - this child is more ravenous than ever

Day 4 - prep day 1
See reading post.

Platinum days 1-3:  Very emotional overall. Lots of tears for no apparent reason. ALSO =- best speech therapy sessions he's had in ages.  Random Funny, on Friday his OT Jonny was over and I offered him dinner.  Dominic literally pushed Jonny out of the way and made him a plate of tacos.  We were agog.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

I am going to attempt to video this....

the setting...

Post shower, doing bedtime routine.  Dominic is tucked in.  He reaches over to his bookshelf and pulls down a book my mom made him shortly after he was born.  Very simple, very few words.  He opened it, and he attempted to read it to me.

I think he got about 80% of the words and I helped with the rest.


When Daddy got home an hour or so later, Dominic was still awake so i had him do it for Daddy!!!

And then he did it again the next night with a different book.

this is HUGE.  I will attempt to video it soon. 

Monday, July 18, 2016


I need a new umbrella.   A certain little boy made off with mine,  and ended up breaking it while pretending to fly.

Did you get that?  Pretending.  To.  fly.

and I just love that he was safe about the jumping part.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Crazy week + new protocol

Camp called me Wednesday and told me Dominic was laying down and crying, asking them to "call mommy".  I asked them if he had a fever, no.  I asked if he ate all his lunch, yes.  I told them I could come get him but it sounded like he was fine.  They called back a few minutes later and asked me to come get him.  I did. 

He came home, laid on the sofa for about half an hour and then had the best Speech therapy session he's had in ages. I had texted our therapist and told her he'd come home sick and it was up to her if we tried therapy.  We tried.  it went great. 

He never had a fever, never lost his appetite... he just wanted to come home, so he played the counselors like a violin and played hookey. 

I'm going to call that downright amazing. :)

(camp has now been told that unless he's got a fever, is bleeding, or is vomiting, he's fine)

Recently (the last few weeks), Dominic's been really enjoying hot sauce.  On everything from meat to corn muffins to Salad.  The last few days I've caught him chugging from the bottle.  Its really cool to watch him develop true preferences.

We are so very very close to the recovery finish line that I can taste it.  As such, we are starting (today actually) a homeopathic protocol that is kind of different, and that has brought speech to many much less verbal kids than Dominic in the community.  Its a 10 week protocol (6 on remedies, then 4 for them to settle in).  As she was trained in Eastern style homeopathy, her perspective is very different.  Its fascinating, and I'm hopeful that it will help Dominic, who has to work so hard for every little gain we get.  And if it doesn't do anything, its okay, because its not a "break the bank protocol".

We are backing off of much of the things we've been doing (my wallet is silently doing cartwheels) for the 10 week duration and potentially longer depending on how things go.

Stay tuned for updates!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Tales from home Based Therapy - July 11 and 12

We love home based therapy so much at this point.

We all know that Dominic is routine oriented and if he get SUPER used to a routine (like we always do legos for OT or we always do ST on the floor of the living room) then when you try to change it up he freaks.  So, I have asked both therapists to mix up activities and locations they do therapy for generalization purposes.

Its going pretty well.  On Monday, Jonny and Dominic played catch in the living room while balancing.  At one point, Dominic was balancing on one foot on the upside down bosu while playing catch.  He found this whole exercise the funniest thing ever.

Then Tuesday, we had Sarah here for Speech.  I didn't catch it on video, but this is what happened and to me its a HUGE cognitive gain:

Scenario:  Dominic and Sarah sitting at the dining room table doing work.  The ipad is Dominic's reinforcer and he had just finished his first reinforcer break (they take one after every 3 activities) and Sarah was getting him reengaged for the next activity.

Dominic:  points and clearly says "Look at That"
Sarah Looks
Dominic sneaks the ipad back on while she's looking.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Well, that's new....

Dominic loves Tarzan.  Absolutely adores it.

So it was no surprise when this happened, in fact i think its a FABULOUS use of the Virginia creeper vine that is currently attempting to eat my deck....

Monday, July 4, 2016

Rocky Mountain dinosaur resource center

We took a family trip up the mountain to the dinosaur resource center in Woodland Park for the 4th.  It was one of those - okay, now we've done it, we probably won't again kind of experiences.

Here're a few pictures....

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Camp Update....

Dominic is really shining this year in camp. I've been ridiculously pleased.  This was my facebook update yesterday in one of my groups

"When I dropped my 11 year old at camp this morning i bumped into a long time friend of mine whose girls go to the same program. She told me about interactions D has had with both her girls - one where he and her older daughter were reading together and the other where her younger daughter was jealous of his lunch (cracked me up, to be honest because i have to get really creative to avoid all the food allergies. he had mini homemade gfcfsf organic cornd dogs, nitrate free bacon wrapped asparagus, and mango chunks).
We are doing camp specifically to boost social skills, and I have to say that this summer has been his best yet"

Then said friend sent me this text last night after I'd gone to sleep - it absolutely made my day.  She and I will be nurturing this relationship and attempting to do camp carryover get togethers in the fall to keep the friendships blossoming.

"An Evening Y report from   She and Dominic played and played and played chase, made a slinky and ninja's with pipe cleaners (apparently she gave one to him and showed him how to make his own), and she said he's such and sweet and fun kid"

Absolutely made my morning. 

Almost every time I pick Dominic up, the staff tells me he's had a great day.  They've told me his swimming skills are getting better, and the only rough days seem to be around losing his little fidgets.  We try to not allow that to happen.

Monday, June 27, 2016


So Dominic is having OT today.
I was downstairs while he worked with Mr Jonny.  I came upstairs and was shown this. 

He wrote it.  Its LEGIBLE

by star wars, he means the star wars legos.

Don't tell me this child cannot read, write, or communicate.  He's finding a way. 

And yes, he is currently putting together legos because if thats how he's going to ask, he's going to get them.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Imaginative Play!!

Dont' tell me our kids have no imaginative play....

That "cheese" is part of a dog toy.  In case anyone is wondering.