Sunday, April 19, 2015

Autism Rates / Light it up TRUE April 19

It takes a lot to scare me anymore.  This one scares me.

If this is the case, as MIT researcher Stephanie Seneff has hypothesized, we are completely screwed as a society.

It means that in 2030 half of children starting kindergarten will require special education support or alternative placement in a therapy center.  At our elementary school, there is 1 special ed teacher for the entire building. If you're looking for a new career, special ed teacher is not going to go away any time soon, and neither will ABA therapist.

It means that in 2035, half of children age 10 could still be in diapers and non verbal, wearing helmets, and unable to stop stimming. Medicaid is already trying to reduce the amount of coverage the provide for diapers for older children / adults

It means that in 2041, half of the 16 year olds won't be getting their drivers licenses... won't be getting used cars.  They will require transportation to and from places for the rest of their life.  Adult Special needs bus service is also a field that isn't going to go away soon. Goodwill and the ARC jobs will be fought for.  They won't be going on first dates, to prom, or worrying about accidentally getting pregnant.  They will have gps trackers probably implanted to keep them safe.  Bars on windows and keyed locks on all doors will be the norm. 

It means that in 2043, instead of graduating from high school with prospects of college, a military career, or a civilian job, fully half of the population that age will need to be taken care of  with a level of supervision that could require 1 on 1 care.   There won't be anyone to take care of senior citizens any more because everyone will be taking care of disabled young adults. They will need help toileting, they will need help to avoid wandering/elopement, and they will need help eating.  This is the ones who survive, who don't die from wandering and drowning, or grand mal seizures, or abuse from school/caregiver inappropriately restraining them,  or at the hand of their own parents.  All of those happen with appalling regularly already when the rate is  only 1 in 68.  How often will they happen when it is 1 in 2???

It means that in 2052 half of the population of 28 year olds won't be married having children, they won't be paying taxes, they won't be defending our country.  They will be living on social security disability, in adult day care programs, and living in group homes. They won't know how to balance a check book, cook a meal, or how to tell someone their phone number.  The waiting list for services, which for us was 6 years, will probably stretch decades.  Who will feed these disabled people?  Who will house and clothe them? 

Are you scared yet?

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