VOXX Life Magic Socks and Soles

In the spirit of using this blog to track response to intervention… I need to document what these VOXX LIFE socks are doing for the entire family….

This is where you buy them.  Message me first because there's a huge discount if you sign up to be a wholesale customer, and no monthly purchase minimum to keep the discount for a full year. 

I have had this thing going on for about 22 years now, where if I got too hot, or my heart rate went over 150bpm a few hours later I would have a killer headache on one side of my face. Blinding in pain.  I would need to lay down and close my eyes and try to sleep.  BUT, I would end up with nausea a few hours later and the only thing that would get my any relief involved throwing up for hours.  Over the years I learned what the triggers were – being outside, going too hard/fast on the treadmill, sitting in the hottub too long, sitting in the sauna, etc.  I got a fitbit that keeps track of my heart rate and monitored it closely when doing anything exertive. I saw many doctors and not one of them knew what was going on.  I managed to get these headaches under control with the IonCleanse by AMD footbath a few years ago, but they came back this year with a vengeance (perimenopause hormonal changes….).  After this overheating trick happened twice in December I threw my hands up and decided to go rogue (shocking, I know), and I hired Katie Beecher  a medical intuitive and “friend of the autism community” that I had been facebook friends with for a while to do a full session on me.  The session was fascinating and at the end of it, after firmly telling me that these headaches were the result of toxicity, she emailed me that she was supposed to tell me to get screened for Disautonomia.  I googled and was shocked to see how many symptoms I had.  So I took myself, my list of applicable symptoms, and went to visit my primary care DO. She’s wonderful, and so very tolerant of my going rogue like I do.  After some thought, she referred me to a local neurologist for the screening and I made an appointment to see him. 

After describing my symptoms he told me I have been having classic migraines. (Apparently what I thought you had to have – the aura, is only 1 of 6 things, of which if you have 3 the headache is classified as a migraine. I had 5.  Then only one I didn’t have was the aura).  Because I only have one kidney, I cannot do NSAID’s, so the treatment is actually a very strong anti nausea med that I am to take as soon as I feel “off” and then every 8 hours after until I no longer feel off.

In the meantime… my first voxx order showed up that very day.  I followed the recommendation of the ladies in the know and have been wearing them 7x24 since. 

The first morning I had slept in them, I woke up with no sock lines on my ankles.  I have a rough time with nocturnal edema and ALWAYS have a sock line when I wear socks to sleep.  Not anymore.  But what’s the MOST interesting – I can’t seem to get my heart rate over 145.  Before socks I had to watch constantly and at about 3.3 on the treadmill I would start spiking to 160-170.  After Socks – I’m starting my warm up at 3.3 and pushing to 3.8 and still sitting at less than 145 bpm. Its really strange. Kicker is that yesterday, I was on the treadmill chugging along, got off and did my fascia blaster routine.  I took the socks off for the fascia blasting and my heart rate got to 148.  There’s something happening….

My other trigger, heat, has been the reason that Before socks, If I was cold enough to want to sit in our infrared sauna before bed, I went in for 2-3 minutes max and at the end of that time I would be panting, and dripping wet.  After socks, I’m doing 10-15 minutes a night and barely breaking a sweat (while wearing the socks)

Then I saw a testimonial from someone with diagnosed disautonomia and the socks have helped them tremendously.  Pretty sure Katie is right, and its going to be very interesting to see if/when I get another headache….

Daddy is a fitness instructor who is almost always moving. He also has multiple broken vertebrae from that car accident 4 years ago, and is on all sorts of cardiac meds from the heart attach 3 ½ years ago.  He first said that he didn’t want any socks (because of the price, I’m sure), so I bought enough for Dominic and I to each have 3 pairs. I did offer and Rod did accept trying a pair one night.  He then wore them for the whole weekend of a fitness certification conference he was at.  One that he’s attended for a lot of years, and one that he’s always been incredibly tired after (working out hard for 7 + hours will do that to anyone).  He told me that he felt less worn out than usual, and that he felt like his stamina had increased (which is one of the things that the Voxx people have studied and published results  backing up this premise). He now has 7 pairs of his own socks and we are no longer sharing 6 pairs between three people. 

No word yet on if it is helping manage the back pain from the broken vertebrae.

Dominic has been SO compliant and helpful. He’s spontaneously speaking in longer utterances, he’s getting all his sounds and letters and sight words for his ST.  He seems to be much less sensory averse.  His auditory processing speed continues to increase.  He’s following multiple step directions better…  I’m excited to see if we get cognitive gains that other folks are seeing.

I had a long conversation a few days ago with a woman who is an RN and a few levels above me about this heart rate stuff because it seems bizarre to me that a pair of socks is making this kind of change for me.  These are the things she told me.
1.      Stop thinking it’s the socks.  The sock is the delivery method for the technology. It’s the tech that is making the difference.
2.      Its like standing on the beach during a hurricane. You have to focus all your energy on remaining vertical and you have zero energy for anything else. When the wind stops its much easier to just function than it was during the wind.  our kids and selves brainstems’ are currently in the hurricane.  The technology makes the wind stop so everyones bodies can get back to just functioning properly.

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