Thursday, January 29, 2015

IonCleanse Foot Baths - Month one Results! WOW

 So - most of you guys know what the ATEC test is.  If you don't, you should google Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist.  Its something that we've used with Dominic for the last 6 or so years.  He has bounced around score wise on it.  The lower the score the less autistic the child is considered to be.   The very first test I did on him, in the midst of that horrible round of chelation that made him so bad., he scored 94. 

By my testing, which is not as strict as Daddy's, he has been under 20 for a long time - and bouncing around the 10 line in the sand (under 10 is considered recovered). 

 Before we started doing the IonCleanse footbaths, Rod and I sat down and did an ATEC together and we were super hard on it - that score was 29. Which put me in a complete funk for about a week because he really did get down to about a 9 on the CD protocol a couple of years ago.  (by my scoring).   In fairness, we did stop GCMAF in early December due to finances.  We saw lots of cognitive and speech gains from GCMAF.  I theorize that the increase in ATEC was due to both scoring much harder doing it together and the lack of GCMAF that his body had gotten used to.

So we have been doing footbaths for a month, every other day.   Daddy and I sat down and did a new ATEC last night - again scoring hard.  That score was 13.

Let me say that again - a 16 point drop in 1 month with the only new thing being the footbaths.  He loves them too - no arguing at all about sitting still for half an hour with his feet in water (which astonishes me  as the first time I tried them in November, he wouldn't even put his feet in the water)

The way the footbaths work is by providing an additional pathway for detoxification and pulling the toxins out of a body.

These are the things that I have documented as gains for Dominic in the last month:
  • More interactive and imaginative play
  • Overall calmer (sat beautifully for a haircut a week ago and no longer complaining even a little  about having fingernails trimmed)
  • Now plays with the Wii
  • Fine motor gains as related to the Wii
  • Appropriately taking care of new puppy (putting him out for bathroom, getting him food, water)
  • Attempting to sing
  • Clearer Articulation

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Brenda Adams said...

This is great! Thank you for sharing. I have owned 2 Ion machines for 10 years and know this works!Keep it up!