Thursday, February 5, 2015


All from tonight.... writing them down because they are indicative of the kind of progress we are seeing around here.  :)


Dominic had just gotten out of his bath and was toweling off.  Daddy had left his pj's hanging off the extra towel rack in the bathroom, and form the living room I heard a metallic clunk and "UhOH".  I got up and went to discover Dominic in the bathroom, holding the no-longer-attached to the wall towel rod".  He said "Sorry" when I came in and I about died from the cute.


We came downstairs, where Daddy was watching TV.  Daddy gave Dominic a hug, lifted up his shirt and raspberried his belly.  After Laughing, Dominic *for the first time ever* lifted up Daddy's shirt and raspberried him back.  We celebrated!!!!  I didn't even realize he had the oral motor ability to make a raspberry. 


Dominic was holding onto Kama in his bed when I called him into the bathroom to brush his teeth.  He came in, holding the dog and out of the corner of my eye, I saw one little foot extend to the toilet, and push down the toilet lid, upon which he placed the dog and told him firmly to STAY. 


These moments brought to you in the midst of Measlesgate by those people working so hard in the background to heal our kids.   Special note to the folks over at - these amazing interactive moments come to you after footbath #18

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Otter Mother said...

How wonderful!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing this journey! xoxo