Saturday, February 7, 2015

We had a good day

Today we went to a birthday party for a 5 year old friend of ours.  It had a candyland theme, complete with bouncey house at the end of the rainbow road.

Dominic did AMAZING.
He interacted gently (he was the oldest by 5 years, and there were babies - he was very conscious of being careful around them), had appropriate eye contact and no meltdowns even though over stimulated.

We allowed a dietary infraction and had ZERO signs of it - no dilated eyes, no hyper, no tears, no diarrhea... NONE.  Healing guts are amazing;. I didn't even need the activated charcoal we brought.  (this is not to say we are giving up on the diet, we are just loosening it occasionally in a controlled setting).

My friend who hosted the party for her daughter was moved very nearly to tears twice when Dominic had not one, but TWO conversations with her.  They were short, but they were very much appropriate back and forth conversation with eye contact.



We went out for drinks with a college friend of mine who is in town and Dominic not only sat appropriately in a very formal setting, he managed with only one slight meltdown that we headed off with Angry Birds on Daddy's iPhone.  My friend is a doctor.  He said to me - looking at Dominic, he is a normal, healthy child.  He doesn't present with any behavioral issues.    Which I know - as soon as we get the speech back, he will be indistinguisable from his his peers.

And you know what - its coming.

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