Monday, April 20, 2015

A mid month Dominic Update and random blatherings.

I know I've been so focused on Light It Up True this month that I haven't given you very many Dominic updates.  So here's my effort to do that and share some anecdotes.

Overall he's doing awesome.  School continues to see growth in independence as do we at home.  That frequently looks like back talk and sass, but you know what - he's 10. Sass is totally age appropriate.

He is talking more.  A lot of it, we are learning, is habit of only speaking in one or two words.  We are having to force it, but when we force him to use a whole sentence he will.  He is using new words too - the other day he told me about the costumes that Dora was going to get for the pirate ship.

He's doing great with technology.
For example.  Friday morning there was no school because it was a planned teacher work day.  So I let him hang out in his pajamas and eat breakfast in front of the TV while I came upstairs and worked.  He came up and asked for help with 102 dalmations (which we keep on the DVR for him) and so I went downstairs.  Turns out he'd deleted it.  And was distressed I couldn't find it on the on demand feature.  So we turned on the Wii, signed into netflix on demand (well, i pointed to where he should click and he clicked because that wii remote is way too sensitive for me), we found the movie (he was spelling it out, without help) and he happily watched it.

Last week was the field trip we asked if he wanted to go on a while back.  We talked with his teacher in advance and sent him with $20 to spend in the gift store.  They brought his calculator and helped him ensure he didn't over spend.  Unsurprisingly he brought home a tube of animals and a playing card deck also with pictures of animals. And he spent a little over $18.  He apparently did great on the 2 hour each way bus ride (we did send an ipad, but he only used like 12% of the battery so it doesn't appear he used it much).

He is such a happy kid.  Its rare anymore for him to be sad / tantrum, etc.  I cannot remember the last time he was down in the dumps.  

The ioncleanse by AMD footbaths continue to rock our world.  We actually blew the fan out of our machine over the weekend and they overnighted us a new one.  I was out of town on business and went a full week between cleanses myself.  NEVER doing that again. I feel so much better when I cleanse at least every other day.  They relax me enough that I fall asleep in the chair while I do them.

We got back the genetics reports for both Rod and I and what do you know, both of us are genetically worse off than Dominic.   Genetics may be the loaded gun, but there is no denying that environment pulls the trigger.

We had out of town friends come visit over the weekend ~ they were here last in early November.  When they arrived, Dominic RAN to the door to open it and started telling them all about whatever toy he had in his hand.  And then he spelled for them, repeatedly.  They were blown away and told us how amazing they find it that he is making such notable progress every time they come visit (its about 3x a year).  We went out to dinner, and Robert's comment was "you know, even for a kid without challenges, he is really well behaved".

Dominic got really hungry Saturday afternoon, and I was late in putting together lunch. So he asked for an apple.  And I told him no, he'd need to wait for the turkey salad I was putting together.  He got sad, and I told him that perhaps if he helped it would be faster.  And he - for a brief moment - helped me strip cilantro leaves off the stems. It didn't save any time, but was huge and a first. 

And, because i'm running one every day, here is todays #lightituptrue Meme from TMR

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