Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Quickie update

- Couldn’t get a neurologist appointment. Apparently Neurologists only see people when regular doctors ask them to. Regardless, the whole virus-eating-synapse theory is making more and more sense.

- Dominic’s actually responding to the detox foot pads. They’re coming off all gross in the morning, but I’m seeing some improvements in speech. The babbling is noticeably clearer, and there’s a few more spontaneous real words. This is shocking because the herbal stuff is all we’re actually doing right now, the ST and OT haven’t started.

- I’ve begun added Epsom salts to his bath, and am slathering him in Magnesium gel after the bath. The Epsom salts detox the body, and the Magnesium replenishes one of the major minerals that does “connections” for the body. We’re going to go over to Christie’s and have her muscle test him for a few other things this afternoon, see if we can’t get a faster response in rebuilding connections.

Edited to add, we just saw Christie, and she muscle tested Dominic for an antiviral herb that specifically pulls virus's out of organs (i'm forgetting the name), for skullcap (that helps rebuild the mylethin sheath of the brains synapses) both of which he tested postitive to use, and then also for magnesium (came back negative), VSC (a viral support compound, also came back negative). She'll have the herbs on Thursday, and at that point we'll re-test on the stuff he's taking right now and see if we can stop those.

Also, the neurologists nurse called me back and after talking with me still said that this Dr. will not take Dominic because he's only doing seizure patients so thats a definate no there. She did give me the name of someone else but recommended we do some speech therapy and then followup with the pediatrician.

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