Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Parent Meeting at Alpine

We had a great parent meeting at Alpine today. Got to look at all the programs they've got him doing, and his results, etc. We agreed with her that he's got the same behavior issues at home as he does there - "elopment" which means he runs off (he really wants to play chase.) and he's doing some light hitting. Both of these need to stop, so she's going to implement a behavior program, and once its written, will share it with us and we'll implement it at home. We gave them some ideas of things to try - like the spinning thing to calm him down, and some other matching ideas - for example, in their matching program he was doing one to one matching, but I told her that he'd been doing a picture bingo sort of thing for our morning therapist at home, and she made a note to try it.

When I picked him up, she told me she went and experimented with the matching after we left, and he moved himself way past where they thought he was - and she's going to be able to move him more quickly thru the matching program. As a result, she has asked us for a vocabulary list of what his expressive and receptive words are. So i've bene working on that. When you write them all down, there's more than I thought. Which makes me happy.

Then we went straight to ST and OT from Alpine. His ST was so blown away by how well he was doing (he did a bunch of 2 word imitations) that she has agreed with me to remove the whole PECS step that she'd been trying to introduce at the school districts suggestion. He's got the words, the challenge is teasing them out of him, they don't need to try to make him communicate with pictures.

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