Monday, July 27, 2009

Parent meeting at Alpine today

We had our second monthly parent meeting at Alpine today. It went pretty well. Dominic is making good progress on his programs, and they are adding a couple of more - colors and shapes, I believe.

We talked with them about our vision for what we'd like long term - school district in the morning (we just got his new school placement - its maybe 5 minutes away, not too bad), from 8-10:45. Come home, have lunch, and then Alpine in the afternoon from 12:30-3:30. Through May. Then starting in June, if we can wrestle the funding, we'd like to do Alpine full day for the summer. If Kindegarten in 2010 is full day, we'll transfer to that w/an Alpine therapist there with him, if its half day, and he still needs it, we'll do half days at Alpine again. All presuming funding.... still no word on insurance coverage.

Dominic's behaviors are escalating - this whole spit bubble thing is driving us all wonky. Alpine is taking a week of ignoring it entirely - attempting to narrow down if this is an attention getting self stimulatory behavior OR an auto-reinforcing self stimulatory behavior. With ignoring, if its the first, the instances should drop drastically, and if its the second, they'll go up drastically. When we narrow down which one it is, we will be able to put a more effective plan in place to handle it. The other behavior thats making us crazy is the constant, never ended, high pitched squealing. He didn't used to do this. Its so. annoying.


Tonight, Dominic started getting whiney and melted down right at bedtime. What was interesting was that I got him all tucked in, read him his favorite Nemo story (Just keep swimming...) and he started to cry again.... like he wanted something. I finally got that he was saying STORY, STORY, so I told him to get what he wanted. He very methodically selected Olivia from the bookshelf, I read it to him, and he went RIGHT to sleep. So, very cool that he asked for a second book, picked it out himself and stayed focus'd for the entire thing.

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