Thursday, July 23, 2009

Alpine and D-11, and Chelation, oh my.

Not a lot of changes going on, but figured I'd put an update out.

Dominic's still having behavior issues w/the chelation, so after 5 doses, we've decided to stop for a couple of weeks and get it settled back down, then will resume. Very slowly. His focus has slipped back almost as bad as it was in Feb before we started anything, and thats really frustrating, tho apparently not uncommon.

We've let both Alpine and the school district know that Dominic will be staying at Alpine at least through May '10. We'll probably try to manage to keep him there through August, actually, to get the structure over the summer. Really just depends on how he's doing. The supervisor and early childhood office director asked for permission to go observe him at Alpine, so that they could ensure coordination of care, or something to that effect. I am allowing it because I want to make sure that nothing the school does negates the work that Alpine, and we, have done. For example, his IEP references sensory breaks when he's overwhelmed. So, a sensory activity he loves is the water table. If he gets all fidgity and doesn't follow isntructions, they let him go play in the water. This means they're essentially reinforcing his bad behavior. we'll be requesting that sensory breaks only be used if he a. verbally asks for one (he's been doing that at Alpine), or b. to reinforce good behavior. He will more than likely not be in the same preschool classroom as he was last year due to staffing issues, and the fact that due to Alpine, he'll need to be in a morning class instead of an evening class.

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