Sunday, July 19, 2009

on babysitters....

We don't go out much.... after a babysitter, dinner, and a movie, a night out is $100 a pop. WE try really hard to do it once a month, but we didn't go at all in June. Last night we went out - saw Harry Potter, had a nice sushi dinner. Our babysitter has watched Dominic off and on for a number of years, so she knew him preregression and now post. In Feb, she was the one that told us it was a different kid a month into the GFCF diet.

So, last night, he actually played with her - and he picked out the Foot Book for her to read to him, and she was very impressed with the improvements in comparison to where he was in Feb.

We see him every day, and while we think he's getting better, its always nice to have independent reinforcement.

We're 3 doses into chelation, he's definately high energy. We'll see if the stomach thing continues with any predictablity. Chelation is reputed to stir up yeast issues.

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