Monday, June 25, 2012

quick update and funny story

Colorado Springs has a massive fire licking at our western edge.  We are personally fine.  I'm working from home as my office building is in the mandatory evacuation zone, and Dominic had an extra day off today while Alpine scrambled to find a backup location as they also are in the evac zone.  So he'll be back at Alpine tomorrow (the old locatoin on the Mt St Francis grounds).  We've been staying inside because air quality isn't great.  Our home is in no danger from this fire.


So, this evening Dominic was about 20 minutes into his post bathing water play when, from the room across the hall, we heard

"Shanti Dirty.  Wash Shanti.  Mess"

And the dog was NOT in the bathroom with him, but apparently he decided that Shanti needed to take a bath.  So I called him into the bathroom, got him in the tub and Dominic poured water all over him with his watering can (no, i am not kidding).  While the poor dog stood there looking at me like "Really, again? a second bath in a week?", we soaped him up and rinsed him off.

Then Dominic said

":Shake it, Shanti, shake it?"

and Shanti shook.  I dried him off, dried Dominic off, and put him to bed.

it was cute.

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