Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Tale of three pairs of shoes....

Setting the scene:  Its monsoon season here in Colorado.  What that means is that its HOT during the morning and early afternoon, and then thunder storms blow in and we get anywhere from 1/2" of rain up for a few hours.  Its wonderful.  And our duck pen has a tarp covering over the top to give them some shade during the day so that tarp accumulates water on it, which Dominic sees as his complete responsibility to remove.  This means he takes a stick, pushes up, and sheets of water come down.   This morning ... i was standing inthe wrong place and had to put a dry shirt on. Ooops.


After Breakfast, Daddy was getting ready to take Dominic to camp and we noticed he was wearing sandals with socks.  When not terribly long before he had his sneakers on.  Thats weird.  I asked him to put his sneakers back on because camp requires closed toe shoes and he did with zero complaints.   Then we reaslized the sneakers were wet.

Wait.  Backup.

you mean he got his shoes wet in the dumping of the tarp water, independently changed shoes, and went on about his day without issue?

huge shift in independence and cognitive processing.

I'm not done.

So we noticed the sneakers were wet and told him to go ahead and put the sandals back on. I remembered my friend Kristin had sent us some van;s that were probably WAY too big (mens 7.5) but I went digging for them anyway.  They're the same sole length as the size  nhigh tops.  Which is fortunate for today, because I had Dominic take the sandals off AGAIN and put the completely new to him shoes on his feet. 

And still no issue.

I don't even have language to tell you why this tiny little detail is so HUGE, just trust me when I tell you that it is, from a reasoning, an independence, and a flexibility level.  SO AMAZING.

Though we're going to need to break him of the desire to wear socks with those sandals... gotta get rid of the tan line somehow....

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