Friday, July 21, 2017


Last night... 

Its been about 5 weeks since Dominic has gotten OT because we've had scheduling issues, people have been in and out of town, etc.  So last night was the first time we had seen Mr Jonny in quite a while.  To say Mr Jonny was gobsmacked is an understatement.  We were doing some evals, so we went to Jonny's office.  this is how it went down.

We walked into Jonny's office and Dominic spontaneously tucked his Timon and Pumba animals into my purse and zipped it up, then he sat down at the table and proceeded to pull tiny dice out of theraputty while Jonny and I talked.  When Jonny asked what's changed, I called Dominic over to me, had him sit in my lap and massaged his neck - something he would NEVER have allowed 2 months ago.  Then Dominic noticed an hourglass timer in the window and wandered over to play with it.  Jonny asked him, once, over his shoulder to go put the theraputty away.  And he did.  Then they did a standardized test to attempt to see where he is age wise (i'm excited about this, the last one of these on file has him aged at under 5, if memory serves. I want to say 3, but I might be getting it crossed with speech, which reminds me when Miss Sarah comes back off maternity leave, I need to ask her to do a speech eval.  SQUIRREL) and I'm anxious to hear the scoring. Dominic ROCKED the tasks I saw him do on it, so we'll see what comes.

At the end of the session, These were the improvements Jonny and I agree have come into play since we added PMB Hemp oil May 24:

- Reduction in tactile avoidance
- Reduction in sensory seeking behavior
- Increase in processing speed, specifically auditory
- Increase in conversational back and forths (lots of work left here, don't mistake me)
- Tremendously more present, in fact both Jonny and Hannah mentioned that in Dominic's recent pictures, he just looks very THERE.
- huge increase in focus
- huge increase in fine motor control


This morning.

He got all his things together and we left for camp after breakfast.  I thought he was verbally stimming, because he kept saying "Timon and Pumba" (the names of his current favorite toys), and i just proceeded with letting the words flow through my head.  We got about 2 blocks away from the house, he very clearly said "STOP CAR".  So I did.  And then he said "Go home timon and pumba".  I asked if he needed to go back to the house and he said yes.  When we pulled back into the driveway, I told him he needed to hurry and sent him inside.   The boy RAN to his bedroom, grabbed his Timon and Pumba and was shoving them into his backpack as he ran back upstairs, looked at me and said "hurry".  And then we went to camp.


Andrea Nevison said...

WOOOOOOW! What an exciting improvement to share with the world!

Vijaya Stern said...

okay, I am sufficiently sobbing!