Friday, July 21, 2017

Fix it

After I picked Dominic, Timon, and Pumba up from camp today, and we got home, Dominic came straight inside and said "Mommy, fix it", with Timon held tightly in his hand.  Almost as if he were holding him together.

He was.

Timon had popped a seam, and Dominic took me by the hand to my sewing machine that, when closed, doubles as my bedroom catch-all.  he uncovered the machine while asking me to fix it.  After a failed search for a needle (this was NOT a machine job), we ran to the store to get one, came home, and he helped me fix it.

These glimpses of normalcy are so astonishing.

Here's Timon...

Here we are deciding what to do. I cannot get over how attentive and present he is in this video:

Then he helped me sew it up.

... just another day over here in recoveringland.....

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