Monday, July 24, 2017

~~2 month PMB-aversary~~

Today is 2 months since we started giving Dominic this amazing hemp oil. As I believe I've mentioned multiple times, this is the 6th type of Hemp oil I've given to Dominic (Fun Fact, a pharmaceutical  company in England has a global patent on the acronym CBD, so you'll really just usually see me refer to it as HEMP.  Same thing).  This is the first that has really helped us.  Here's what we've seen this month:

An actual awareness of the amount of time passing, that I've never seen in him before.
Playing with his peers instead of alone ...
Reduction of routine rigidity. (say that 5x fast)
Change in his sodium cravings (still blown away by this)
He passed a swimming test at the Y!!!!!!
He made a friend, with a peer, his age and grade...  without parental intervention.
His communication is going through the ceiling - both receptive and expressive..
He has learned how to use a waterpik for his teeth and is using it daily.  Sensory boy is allowing this!!!
Cognition and independence! Multiple Examples!!
And he blew away his long time OT, Jonny the other night too.

In general, I really feel like the Hemp oil, because if its delivery method, is our missing piece to heal Dominic's brain injuries.  In seeing what its doing with other kiddo's that have started since we did, I'm seeing that it may be pretty adaptogenic, that when the CB2 receptors are cleaned out and cellular communication is reestablished, these kids start to come into homeostasis.

Our pattern with this supplement is similar to what we saw when we started the Ioncleanse by AMD (which, yes, we are still doing.  The IC is our foundational protocol because D's PON1 pathway is full of mutations so his body cant move things through) - we started seeing little things at first and as the weeks go by the little things have gotten much bigger.   There's an interesting synergy here and i'm not sure how it will play out long term.  In the mean time, we're going to keep on going!

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