Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sensory avoidance - REDUCING

Back story -

Dominic has been in chiropractic care now for nearly 6 years, with one doctor or another.  When we started, I literally had to lay on top of him to get him to not hit/kick/bite the chiropractor.    He gradually started asking for it, knowing it helped, but also continued fighting adjustments because, sensory.

When our longstanding Chiro retired a year-ish ago, it took a bit to find another that was the right fit I ended up taking him up to a doctor who is also a special needs dad, who had been adjusting me for a few months at that point.  This was first doctor who told me that on a spectrum, kids with Autism have tone similar to kids with CP, like about halfway as bad.  Our current MAPS doc who is a chiropractor as well has since agreed with that statement.

Anywho.  Dominic fights the neck adjustment a lot lately, but he also knows it helps. He's been doing this weird neck thing trying to adjust it himself for a few days, to the point we knew he was probably in a lot of pain.  he actually put his shirt over his head ala beavis and butthead when he sat in the chair.

I thought he was a HOT MESS, way worse that he'd ever been.  Per Doc, nope, actually better - he was no longer flinching away when just touched, and he wasn't as badly out of alignment as he has been in the past.  He relaxed into the adjustment.  The sensory avoidance is fading fast.   Doc is over the moon at how well he's doing.

While it makes me so sad to think that he's been hurting so bad that the simplest touch sent him into super pain, I'm incredibly grateful we've finally found something that is reducing his inflammation to the point that his body is healing and coming back into balance. Its so disconcerting to see him do this neck thing. I gave him an extra dose of CBD today to hopefully get us over the hump.


In other news... this was my facebook status last night

We bought one of those FIR saunas at autism One, primarily for Daddy because he is cold a lot due to medication. We let Dominic try it once a few weeks ago. It lives in the master bedroom closet which is between the bathroom and master bedroom. Our pattern for bedtime is to sit on our bed and supervise the shower from hearing range as Dominic usually needs help dispensing shampoo and conditioner. So tonight I was laying in bed surfing the internet and telling him to get in the shower and he was talking to me. And I was not hearing water running. And I finally got up and found him sitting in the sauna in his underwear, sweating.    He'd been there a few minutes.  He did it spontaneously and independently.

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