Thursday, June 29, 2017

Absolutely gobsmacked

We have had SO MANY little things change for the better with the addition of Hemp Oil to Dominic’s regime that I’ve been having to pinch myself every day.  This week, tho we have had a big thing.  I need to give you a history lesson before I tell you about it tho…

Dominic has been going to the YMCA day camp during the summer every summer for the last 4 years.  It has been both wonderful for him to have the exposure to neurotypical kiddos in a structured and supervised play setting AND a huge challenge for him.   We drop him off after breakfast, usually by 8am, and pick him up usually around 5pm, so he is there ALL day.  Drop offs the last 4 years have looked like us taking him to the gym, signing him in, and kissing him goodbye, after which he wanders off with no general focus point.  Pick ups, literally EVERY time for YEARS have had him watching and waiting for us – either standing at the door of the gym, or outside at the pavilion with his backpack on. Always on.  We have heard about his day only really from counselors, who tend to want to sugar coat how is day has been and there’ve been several summers that things have been really hard.  

The backpack is key, I don’t know if he’s using it as a security thing, or what, but he ALWAYS has it on.

Tuesday of this week, when I went to pick him up, he was not waiting for me.  My heart did a little leap because of course the first  place my brain went was that he’d eloped and was gone.  Nope. He was up the hill playing chase.  With other children.  Spontaneously.  I was gobsmacked.

Yesterday, when I went to pick him up, same thing, I couldn’t find him.  I did locate his backpack, sitting on the sidewalk by a counselor.   He was HAPPILY playing on the playground with the other kids.  

This morning, at drop off, I asked the counselors what else they are seeing that is different all the sudden, and when it started (I was trying to figure out if it’s the hemp oil, the mito sup we started over the weekend, or solar flares, or what).  They advised that it started middle of last week (HEMP!!!!) and has been increasing every day.  What they are seeing is him seeking out other kids to interact and play with, him being more comfortable in his skin, etc.

Daddy reports that drop offs Tues -Wed of this week were sort of like this
-          Tues at Drop off, Dominic Immediately went for a toy, Rod called him back for a goodbye kiss, a little girl started moving to the toy he’d selected and he went back ot get it.
-          Wed at drop off, same scenario, he went straight for a toy, and Rod called him back… this time tho, when the little girl went to the toy, he let her with no issue.
-          I can tell you that this morning at drop off, he went for a toy and a group of kids and really really wanted me to leave as I was visiting with the counselors.

So, until I asked the counselors their view on timing, I wasn’t exactly sure whether this was a feature of the hemp, or the mito supports or something completely unrelated to protocols like solar flares.  I am now leaning towards hemp prep’d his CB2 receptors and started the shift, which was then amped up by the mito supports (cellular communication is THE BOMB).

So this particular hemp is found here, and you can read other blogs about it here. (over the years we've used 5 other brands of hemp and none of them have done anything. This is the first LEGAL cannabis product that has had any effect on Dominic's brain inflammation and immune function.  What i'm trying to say here is don't get a cheaper/different brand and assume it will do what this one is doing for us.  None of the others we've tried have done this)  This company is an MLM, fair warning. You can absolutely sign up as a customer, you aren’t required to start a business to use it.

The mito support we’re using is one that D muscle tested for at our Chiro’s office a few months ago.  After we finish trying this one, we’re switching to Dr Shade’s The One (Dr Shade is the one who created the  hemp oil and this supplement is formulated to be complimentary to the hemp so thats exciting), and after we try that, we will switch to Mito-vive from Metagenics.  After we’ve tried all of them,we will pick the one he does best on…

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