Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"Mommy, minutes?"

Backstory - our speech therapist who Dominic adores just had a baby and is on maternity leave.  It didn't make much sense to get him someone else just for a few months when he takes that long to warm up to someone anyway.  So this summer we've started him back on gemiini just to keep him practicing articulating and such.   He doesn't love it. at all.  He would far rather watch disney videos on youtube.   So we lock that ipad down to just the gemiini and he has no choice what he watches.

Last night, after his footbath, he got the ipad.  I told him that if he did gemiini for 10 minutes, then he could do what he wanted on it.  I set gemiini, and went to the kitchen to cook dinner.  I didn't look at the clock. 

A while later, at least 10min, but potentially more (again, i didn't check the time), he came in saying "Mommy, clock.  Mommy, Minutes".  He wanted me to look at the clock and see if his 10 minutes were up.

Wow is all i've got.  This protocol we are on is doing cognitive things we've never hoped for, much less seen. 

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