Sunday, June 25, 2017

One month PMB-versary!!

One month ago was the first time I squirted Prime My Body's nano sized, liposomally encapsulated hemp oil into Dominic's mouth.

We've seen  incredible improvements in handwriting and reading,  a distinctly improved auditory processing speed, an ease within his own skin (calm. so calm)... an increase in empathy and compassion, more independence and responsibility.... and thats just what i've blogged about!

Here are some of the things I didn't blog about because i was tight on time that day, but did post on facebook...

30 May
You guys are going to think I'm crazy for celebrating this and you are right to do that but in the autism world this means something is definitely working.  Dominic just got ready for bed and brought me his pajamas which he wore last night saying "mommy, stinky stinky".  They smelled like urine.  So did his sheets.  He wet the bed last night for the first time in 8 years.  That means we have PeeTox.  All of the detox work we've done over the years has never brought us peetox. 

Then lots of posts about the business side of things, which is amazing and you're welcome to ask me about it any time... but not what this post is about today.

19 June
One of todays ymca camp counselor sups is filling in from another site and remembers Dominic from last year.  She made it a point to tell me how incredible he is doing - she totally gushed.

22 June:
Tonight I told Dominic that as soon as I was finished downstairs, we would put the ducks to bed.  When I came upstairs, he'd already done so.  (this entailed getting the keys, opening multiple doors with different keys, putting them in their house, and locking up tight behind himself.  The cognitive steps are staggering)

So... what can I tell you from my experience with using this for my family?

1.  Get some now. Its helping across a wide range of issues from Dominic's challenges to my husbands back pain to my fathers psoriasis.  Its living up to the promise of working hard on the CB2 receptor site (which is all about immunity and inflammation).  If you don't want to do a business with it, thats fine - sign up as a preferred customer with autoship and you get the same discount I do as an affiliate.  There's a very good income earning potential if you want to try the business.

2.  Don't run out.  We ran out and noticed the focus challenges creep back up.   they take 2-3 weeks to get it to you from the time you order, so plan accordingly (and my family will be going through 4-5 bottles a month, between all of us and our dosing)

3.  I'm seeing other mama's using this that are seeing great improvements for their kiddos, but those improvements are different than Dominic's.  That said, overall I'm seeing a general calming and anxiety shifting effect in all the kids I'm hearing about using it. So just because Dominic's auditory processing speed has improved, it doesn't mean that your kid, with excellent processing speed, won't have a benefit in another area. 

Over the years, there've been very few products that I was willing to represent and share with the community because of how universal the statement "nothing works for every kid" is.    Right now that list consists of Prime My Body, IonCleanse by AMD, and Young Living.  I stand by that statement, and this absolutely might not work for a child. I believe that the wide range of types of improvement means there is a very good chance it would work.  Because Autism, at its core, is about inflammation. Whether its brain / gut / liver / etc inflammation - and whether its caused by virus, bacteria, environmental toxins, vaccine, - its still inflammation and this particular formulate of CBD appears to be staggeringly effective for inflammation.

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