Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Handwriting - massive improvement

I have been telling people for years at the Ioncleanse booths I have worked that when you remove the toxins blocking cellular communication, amazing things start to happen. One of those things is handwriting improvements.

I saw a bunch of presentations on cannabis, specifically CBD at autism one this year. One of them, Dr Bogner's, talked about how the microglia in the brain are the mechanisms of communcation between  neurons.  And that good quality cannabadiol (CBD) cleans those.

I was not expecting this kind of change this fast.  We had OT on Saturday morning, and they did the handwriting on the left - that size, spacing, and pressure is very typical of Dominic the last year or so.  We had OT again Monday, and look at the change in ALL of those.  Difference is 3 more days of this specific hemp oil under his belt.  Please note this child has been on CBD of one form or another for over a year.  The nano, liposomal formula WORKS BETTER!!!!!!

Then, for icing on the cake... he did the best job of reading that last sentence out loud I've everheard him do - we have really been struggling with the speed of his word recognition and this is a BIG change.


Vijaya Stern said...

This oil is a godsend! I hear stories like this daily...and I am so happy for your son and your family!

Alina Levin said...

are different strains/forms appropriate for different conditions? Thank you for this post! So excited for you guys!