Monday, May 29, 2017

What just happened??

So, we are 5 days into Dominic's new supplement, the nanosized, liposomally encapsulated hemp oil I told ya'll about a few days ago.  As promised, I'm blogging about what we're seeing.

These are the nuances we are seeing.

1.  Saturday Morning, out of the blue, Dominic got the rocking horse that he was given before he regressed out of his closet, dragged it upstairs and proceeded to do this while Rod and I scratched our heads and looked at each other puzzled.  This is what retracing looks like and its a Very Good Sign.

2.  Yesterday morning, as Rod was putting his breakfast together, Dominic randomly came up and gave him a kiss.  This is out of routine, which is why it surprised us.  Rod told me "I love how spontaneous he is lately".  Then Dominic went outside and we asked what he was doing. Normally that would be met with gobbledygook, instead he said "I am hunting for a spider".  OOOOOkay....

3.  I was doing my post Autism one IonCleanse by AMD footbath right around 11 this morning and Dominic asked me for lunch. (he's 12, puberty, always hungry, blah blah blah. I promise we feed him). I asked him to hang tight and wait until I was done.  I finished, dumped my water and found him calmly sitting at the dinner table waiting for me.  WHAT JUST HAPPENED?  Then I made him lunch, he took it to the dinner table and then took it outside. He said to me - with words "Want to eat outside".
So he did eat, right among  my little herb plants that I still haven't found a final resting place for so they live on the table.

Between this (and he's been at 1 squirt three times a day for only 5 days) and the reduction in Rod's chronic back pain by 20% 45minutes after taking it, I am rapidly becoming excited about the anti-inflammatory properties of this stuff....

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