Sunday, June 4, 2017

Frisbee?!?!? Seriously?

this morning, we had a visit from our favorite occupational therapist and his significant other type, collectively known by Dominic as "JonnyAnna" (they are Jonny and Hannah).  I had to run a couple of errands kid free so it worked out beautifully.

When I returned from errands, this was what greeted me on the front lawn:

Jonny pulled me aside and told me the following

~when they got started, Dominic was very dis-regulated and didn't want to work.  So Jonny had him write out sentences of other things like "Jonny leaving" and "We are all done".  And that back and forth, in writing, interaction regulated Dominic.  He then successfully did a very hard wordsearch, including diagonals, with NO assistance and then they taught him how to both throw and catch a frisbee.

We have been working with Jonny for a year straight, and for a few months of the summer before as he did his internship.  He's watched multiple things, and he is absolutely blown away - to the point that he wants a bottle - by the effectiveness of this stuff

Other things I'm noticing in Dominic
~His auditory processing speed seems to be improving.  He is now following directions when asked 1-2 times instead of 4-5.
~ He's very helpful. For example - one of my errands was to get some more 2x4's from the hardware store for the Duck Kingdom.  he carried them, one at as time, from the car to the backyard.
~We are seeing much more back and forth conversation versus echolalia.  On our list is to restart Geminii, and I'm excited to see what that gets us too.

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