Sunday, June 18, 2017

Empathy and compassion

What was that you were saying about children with autism lacking empathy and compassion??

We had a houseful over last night to celebrate the completion of the Duck Kingdom, including 4 little ones.  Dominic was incredibly attentive to making sure the other kids were safe, to the extent that he spent a lot of time with Dexter, now 2 1/2, super gently shepherding him around, and at one point soothing him when he was sad -

Other things of interest that are new and exciting the last few days with our new Prime My body nano hemp protocol....

~ The padlock for the duck house went missing earlier. I asked Dominic where it was, he pointed to a gap between the duck house and our shed, and told me to go get a flashlight.  When i did, i found the padlock buried down there.  For YEARS he hasn't been able to tell us where something is... only cry that he couldn't find it.

~ he "fixed" a TV tray with tape.  Seriously, he didn't even tell me it was broken, or bring it to me, I happened to notice it was taped together. 

~ he seems much easier in his skin - the anxiety I didn't realize he had is easing.

~ Receptively, he is doing better (and I hadn't realized there was better to do).  Either that or his auditory processing speed is ramping up.  For example - I was doing my footbath earlier today and realized I had a torn fingernail, which drives me batty. I asked him to go get the nail clippers for me.  only once.  And he did.  When i was finished, I asked him to put them back and bring me my purse.  He did.  Then i asked for a Kleenex.   And he brought that.  All with single requests.  I don't think he could do that if it was chaotic around him, but with just he and I, he did great.

Now the scary news... we are ALMOST out of our PMB!!!!  one of my orders (yes, there're 3 pending) is in route, and i'm really hoping it gets here soon because Daddy has paused using it and is in a ton of pain again (one of those you don't realize how well its working until you run out) and I'm rationing Dominic by only giving him 1 dose a day instead of 3.... please arrive soon!!!!!

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