Monday, June 19, 2017

Holy Information Overload, Batman!!!

Many of you remember that we've dipped our toes into the genetic side of this puzzle a few times.  I am somewhat familiar with Dominic's mutations and I've always wanted to get more in depth.

There's a new software in town.  And by town I mean in the hands of MAPS doctors, called Methyl Genetic Nutrition Analysis, and it takes the results of your 23andme genetic testing, pulls out the relevant stuff thats most alarming, summarizes it, and makes recommendations.

My friend Dr Sonia McGowin offers it, so we had an appointment with her today.  Holy WOW that was a lot of information.  A couple of things jumped out at her in a big way, that have never jumped out at a doctor before.  Most of them I'd already been intuitively treating.

~ Dominic doesn't detox.  His CYP genes (aka liver phase 1) and his ASF1 gene (aka liver phase 2) are full of mutations.  This explains why then IonCleanse by AMD remains the single biggest thing we've done.

~ Dominic SLC22AS genes are a hot mess. Mostly mutated.  Thats the gene that relates to Carnitine transport.  Carnitine is required for mitochondrial oxidation of fatty acids.  I've been saying for a couple of years that my gut thinks D is a mito kid.  Dr Sonia agrees with me. This is why he muscle tests a hard yes for various mito sup's.  We've got several options to choose from, and will likely take all three to to Dr Blackwood for muscle testing and see which one we should trial first.  Mito means that his cells struggle to make all the ATP they need, and likely could explain why he needs so much fuel (food).  More than a regular 12 yo, it seems.

~Dominic's got a mutation in the BCM01 gene that means he doesn't use vitamin a very efficiently.  This could explain why the high dose vitamin A protocol didn't do a lot for us.   The particular mutations he has are higher in people with lyme disease. Lyme has been on my radar as a possibility for years, and it will stay there.  As of right now, He's asymptomatic if he does have lyme.

~ Dominic's histamine is concerning, so we are keeping antihistimines in our tool box. I'm just going to copy this off the report:
"The HNMT gene combines a histamine molecule with a methyl group (CH3) to reduce the histamine to a harmless substance. If you have inherited a lot of genetic variants in the HNMT gene, you may have difficulty breaking down histamine.  High histamine can cause allergies, skin rashes, frequent hives, feeling stressed, difficulty sleeping, and intestinal inflammation from Zonulin."

~Dominic has mulitple copies of a CBS mutation. I knew about that, and its why the DMPS chelation with Dr Kucera so many years ago was so hard on his body. DMPS is a sulfur derivative and he cannot process sulfur.  Here's what the report says about CBS mutations "Variants in the CBS enzymes, can cause homocysteine to turn into excess glutamate. This may create anxiety, adrenal fatigue and excess ammonia. It may also create excess sulfites and sulfates."  His behavior when his ammonia levels are out of whack is a hot mess.

~the biggest one she found is the HFE gene.  She actually emailed me in advance and asked if anyone had ever talked to us about iron disregulation.  And no - but this is why I'm wanting her to do mine now, because i've been chronically anemic for years and what she said is odds are he got the mutation from me and its not that I don't get enough iron, its that i am not getting it into my cells.

~ The final one of concern we reviewed is the ASF1 gene, which I mentioned above. Its related to the urea cycle and liver detox.   So we know now why hepatrophin pmg is such a big deal, and why giving him dessicated bovine liver to attack instead of his own gives his body a break.  Dr Sonia believes that he was genetically susceptible to liver damage from the MMR (hepatitis is a documented side effect of measles and anything the virus can do, so can the vaccine), and thats why his liver has been so jacked for so many years.

So, knowing that we're not interested in rocking the boat very much, Dr Sonia is only recommending a couple of additional supplements, and we're going to get them started when the arrive. We are fine tuning because of how well he's doing. 

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