Thursday, June 22, 2017

Doc appt's - follow ups

so as I told you all last time, Dominic's genetics interpretation with Dr Sonia earlier this week gave us some really interesting information and confirmed what we've thought for a long time.   I've just put together our new supplement regime and I have to say I hope we aren't doing all these forever because there's more than there have been in a long time.  We have 3 mito supports we are going to trial and we will pick whatever he does best with.  i'm positive i'll be blogging how we do on each so that i can come back and use that information to make a decision about which one to pick long term.

Then yesterday was his annual well visit with our primary care.  She and I joke that this is the annual cover our butts appointment, because its literally always just weigh, measure and visit since he's medically exempt from all future vaccines.  She reiterated that she will get us whatever we need, and i so appreciate that about her.

She was GOBSMACKED at how well he did at the appointment (and i thought he was being a bit of a turkey so there's that).   She is very excited about the NanoHemp we are using and beyond impressed that he followed directions with one request.  She remembers having to ask a million times. I told her, as i've told all of you that I feel like his auditory processing speed is going insane.

Dominic found his renaissance faire guidebook from last year and has officially asked to go ride the camels.  So we will be taking him this weekend as the weather is supposed to be GLORIOUSLY cool.  I'm sure there will be pictures aplenty and perhaps even video!

And our shipment of Hemp oil arrived!!!! So happy, we'd run out entirely and both Dominic and Daddy need it badly. 

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