Saturday, June 24, 2017

Colorado renaissance faire 2017

Today was our annual trek up to Larkspur to the Colorado Renaissance Festival.  Well, semi annual - there were probably 7 years after Dominic regressed that we didn't even attempt it.  I can remember taking him in the stroller and then after he regressed, we decided we just couldn't do it. Its nice to be able to do it again.  While there're certainly things that are difficult with Dominic, we mostly no longer have to worry about meltdowns, eloping, or otherwise inappropriate behavior from him in a setting like this.  Its been a long time coming.

We started our day, as per tradition, at Gunther Toody's getting a diner breakfast.  We then headed north and had a wonderful day....

couple of things of huge note here...
- Dominic had a food infraction.  Well, we let him.  At breakfast.  And it wasn't until we were almost done for the day that the sillies and farting started.   If I had had charcoal on me (i know, Biomed failure) we wouldn't have even had that.
- Dominic put his fidgets in my backpack and didn't need them ALL DAY.  HUGE here.
-Dominic, while he really wanted to ride the elephant and the camels, maintained while we had him wait.  We meandered through the faire and got to things when we got there.  Same for the petting zoo... he definitely wanted to be there before we were headed that way.  And he maintained beautifully.

Obligatory family selfie

Look who is riding the elephant without a parent. This is a first.  He's ALWAYS had one of us too.  he did awesome, and was totally safe.

Annual Crane picture.

Last years was the first year he rode the camel solo, and it was a nailbiter.  This year - totally smooth.

This picture is because I looked over at Dominic and realized his pupils were small.  I haven't paid attention to them much lately, but for MANY years he's had extremely dilated pupils, all the time but always bigger after his shower, which was our clue that his adrenals were completely tapped out.  I'm suspecting that we're healing his adrenals with the PrimeMyBody CBD as we have not started anything else and now I'm going to be compulsively watching his eyes at night...

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