Friday, June 16, 2017

More cool stuff

And once again a week has gotten away from me.  There's been some really cool nuances we've seen this week from Dominic, still climbing on the gains from adding nano-hemp to our regime.

A couple of them stand out...

First - our ducks now have their new home outside. Its a magnificent enclosed yard with a secure house.  Dominic has decided that its his job to let the ducks out of their house in the morning and put them to bed in the evening.  He got downright offended the one night this week that I put him to bed before I put the ducks to bed.  Yesterday, I had padlocked both the house and the yard before picking Dominic up from camp, taking him to the orthodontist for braces to be adjusted (he is still rocking them) and bringing him home. When we got home, I was immediately busy on putting away groceries and preparing dinner, and Dominic disappeared outside.  No big deal, I thought, as I had locked the ducks in.   About 20 minutes later we were looking for our backyard keys.....  they were in his pocket and he was happily in the duck yard with the ducks.   I didn't show him which keys worked the padlock.  His fine motor skills that have struggled so much... couldn't manipulate a key very recently.  So he made the cognitive leap from "the door is locked" to finding the keys, finding the RIGHT key, opening it and it was very anticlimactic.

Dominic has developed a love for Dr Who, to our great enjoyment.  So a few nights a week, he asks to watch it, which consists of all three of us and three dogs piling into bed in our pj's and cuddling while we watch it.

The cutest part is he has to put on his dr who slippers to mark the occasion.  This is the only time he wears those....


Since our speech therapist is taking maternity leave this summer, we have JUST restarted Gemiini, and we are getting him used to it again.  We hope that it will be an acceptable fill in while Sarah is out.   She saw him last on Monday (then gave birth Wednesday), and he was doing VERY well blending sounds and answering WH questions.   We are hoping that when she returns from maternity leave, we will be in a very different place and she's very excited.

We saw that ourselves this week as well.  Dominic LOVES his disney movies, but isnt so good at telling us exactly what he is watching.  The other night, Rod asked him what he was watching and Dominic said "Fox and the Hound TWO".  Normally he would have just said "foxhound".   

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