Monday, July 3, 2017


Dominic loves salt. He's loved salt since he discovered it years ago.  It was when he regressed, though, that he started to need salt.  He would quite literally pour salt in his hand an lick it.  we joked he needed a salt lick.  When we did hermetic homeopathy, one of the things she said was that autism was about the sodium channels in the brain and they weren't working right.  Her remedy didn't change Dominic's salt licking habits, tho.

Tonight, we picked up chicken wings for dinner.  He literally stopped eating them (they are his favorite things), made a horrid face and got a huge drink of water.  Daddy said "was that too salty for you" and he said "yes".  This is the first time, in his life, that ANYTHING has been too salty.


Add clearing up sodium channel issues to the list of things I was not expecting to happen.  To me this means that as his CB2 receptor sites are opening up, he is able to more efficiently use sodium, which means his body now has a limit.   This may also mean that as his cb2 receptors continue to open up, he'll be able to more efficiently use other nutrients too.  The possibilities are super exciting.

Facebook posts from the last few days or so...

June 30 (so a field trip followup)
"Makes me so happy to have half a dozen different camp Counselors pull me aside at pickup and tell me how amazing Dominic did. Apparently he requested and rocked out the ropes course ...."

July 1
"Doctor who marathon today - and we watched the finale. Dominic blew us both away at one point - he emphatically said "pause it"'and went up stairs. A few minutes later he came back down with the biggest smile either of us can remember seeing on his face - truely ear to ear - holding a bag of potato chips. When we compared notes after he went to bed we both used the word "pride". He was so stinking proud of himself. 💜"


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