Sunday, July 16, 2017

Things that make me go hmmmmm

We are to the point in Dominic's recovery journey that I am keeping a very close eye on changes and pattern. Because it's those little changes that are the signal that something larger is coming down the pike.  I have a couple of anecdotes to share with you today they're different and it is my hope that they are signaling a big shift that is coming down the pike.

Last night daddy and I went out to a party on a date. Tim stayed home and hung out with Dominic, and when we got home Tim told us that he did  shower time entirely alone. Normally I come downstairs and I am in within ears reach and end up giving him shampoo and conditioner so that he doesn't pour it all down the drain.  Tim said he sent Dominic downstairs to take a shower, and Dominic came back upstairs clean and in pajamas to say good night. No big deal.

This morning I asked to Dominic to go eat his lunch in another chair because I needed to have a footbath in the chair he was currently sitting in. He took his tray table with him and that was appropriate because his lunch was there, so I planned to eat my lunch with my plate on my lap. Not a big deal he's messier than I am usually. So I get my bath ready, I got my lunch ready I would get myself settled. And the next thing I knew Dominic had stood up, brought the tray table over, set it down, and taken hisbowl back to the other chair. He gave me his table without being asked. It was incredibly considerate to and demonstrated and an awareness of his environment that I am not certain he has had before.

And the last example comes from tonight. In order to explain it to you I need to give you a bit of a history lesson. Dominic goes to camp Monday through Friday, and they swim Monday through Thursday. Dominic knows he needs a swimsuit and a towel for swimming, but he has not put together necessarily what day it is. I am starting to think he is more aware of what day it is than I thought.

The second part of this history lesson is that Dominic is perpetually losing his small toys that he fidgets with. Perpetually, we will need to find one or he's lost one or he's digging for it.

Tonight, he did his usual and put away his stack of laundry that was in the laundry room and then I became aware of him shufflings through the hamper. You look up at me and said with a question his voice, "camp?" To which I said yes you have camp tomorrow. And then he kept digging in the family of the laundry hamper. I said "Dominic, what are you looking for?" And he said "suit".  I said, "oh we should go find that". We went to the laundry room but I couldn't find it in the stack. I went to his room and I didn't find it there either. I realized then that it it got tucked into the area where we keep dirty towels before we wash them in the laundry room. The suit had not been washed.  Oops.  it's in the laundry now.

So here are the skills that he just exhibited with that exercise: he realized that tomorrow is a day he's going to camp, he realized then that he needed to make sure he had his swimming suit, then he couldn't locate the suit so he knew he needed to tell me so that I could find it for him. He is making cognitive games like nothing I have ever seen.  this is a logical path of thought.  


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