Friday, April 25, 2008

April 15

D had a bad pickup from school, was hysterical for no good reason. I called Miss Paula to see if anything upsetting had happened during the day. She ended up going over piles of concerns with me, almost as if she'd never told Rod about them. Specifically, his speech, she said he doesn’t seem to have appropriate life skills, and she'd put his development age at like 18 months, not making eye contact when he runs around, and something about having no spatial awareness. She was emphatic that I call the Childfind office and have them send a specialist asap to observe him in the classroom because she'd never seen behavior like it before. She started to use the word Aspergers, but quickly covered and said we should see a doctor. She was “shocked” that a doctor had not noticed any developmental delay issues. I left a message at childfind about getting someone into the classroom

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