Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday, May 30. Casting the net wider. Or is it narrower?

Okay, so the ear fluid thing didn’t pan out, but I really don’t do well with the unknown, so I’ve been digging around to try and find some sort of decent direction to go. I don’t buy that this is hearing (we’ll see what the ABR says, but really, I doubt it will say anything much) and I don’t buy that this kind of change would happen without a reason.

So back to either stress from starting preschool or the flu.

Yesterday my friend Allison mentioned that her Mom wondered if instead of the flu, Dominic had had encephalitis back in Feb/March and had a resultant brain injury. We know it was the flu from the test, but that was an interesting idea. (hint #1 from the universe)

Way back when I first talked to my herblist friend Christie about what was going on, she mentioned a place north of Denver where they “rewire” autistic type kids brains using a combination of movement, light, and sound. I just filed it and when on about my business. (interesting coincidence)

The occupational therapist used the words Sensory seeking on Tuesday. So I went a’googling. I ended up finding the Sensory Learning Center in Boulder (turns out it’s the same place Christie had mentioned 6 weeks ago) I called and talked to the receptionist yesterday and found out that they offer a 30 day program, 12 of it in Boulder with 2 30min sessions each day for 12 in a row, and the other 18 at home with a portable light. Its expensive, plus there would be hotel and food for those 12 days. This morning, I got a call from the founder and director of it – she had come to read this blog, and she wanted to give me some more information. She was very curious about the flu we all had in Feb. She said that she’s seen virus’s eat the neural pathways in the brain, and that can definitely cause the symptoms we’re seeing. She offered a free experiential session on a weekend afternoon for us. (hint #2 - second mention of virus caused brain injury in 2 days)

The at lunch today, I had already planned a lunch date with my CC psych department friend (Hi Lori), who is technically a Neuro-Scientist. (yes, I know, the timing is pretty amazing). I had a long conversation with her, and the whole flu virus causing injury to the neural pathways in the Wernicke area of the brain is not unheard of. Rare, but not unheard of. She said from his symptoms he sounds very much like he’s got Wernicke’s Aphasia or Conduction Aphasia – both of which are brain injuries from something like a virus or stroke. She said it’s a very good sign that we’re not seeing it get worse and are in fact, having some better days. That could very much mean that his brain is potentially rewiring itself. She went back to CC and talked to the chair of the psych dept, who is a neuro-psychologist, and said Chair strongly encouraged us to contact the only pediatric neurologist in Colorado Springs. Apparently he’s extremely responsive to parents. She also strongly suggested an MRI. (oh goodie, another sedation event.). I’ve left a message for the Neurologist. He doesn’t work on Fridays. He’s apparently quite busy, so who knows when we’ll get in – but I name-dropped and used big words like Wernicke’s aphasia. Lori also is going to read the website for the Sensory Learning folks and let me know her opinion as a neuroscientist, but that a free session certainly wouldn’t hurt.

So,. we’ve checked our schedule and we’re going to go up to Boulder next Saturday for the free experiential session. I’m interested in what they have to say.

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