Thursday, May 1, 2008

Herbalist appointment.

Christie thinks the problem lies with the teacher, not with Dominic. She muscle tested him for piles of potential food allergies and got no indication that food is any part of the problem. A former daycare worker and a grandma herself, she tells me that her take on the speech issue is this is simply a growth spurt and his brain is moving faster than his mouth right now. His energy does not at all feel like an autistic kid.

Anyway. She did give us a couple of suggestions for some supplements to help calm down any brain chatter he might have going on. Both from Natures Sunshine – one called Focus attention and one called Gaba.

She did get a hit on him for environmental toxins, which given the world we live in is not at all suprising. She has a call out to a colleague who treats more kids than she does for ideas on treating that. All else fails, we can do straight milk thistle for a liver cleanse for him. We’re neither of us feeling a huge sense of urgency to start him on these herbs Right This Second, so she is going to wait to speak to her colleague before ordering.

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