Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Speech and Occupational Therapies Eval 5-27

Dominic had speech and OT assessments this morning at the Childhood Development Center. Rod and I were both very impressed with both therapists. they each got down on the floor and worked very well with Dominic. they have do their official tallying of the standardized tests, but both are going to recommend 2x a week. So he'll have ST 2x a week and OT 2x a week. each session is 30minutes, and they'll try to schedule an ST followed by an OT.

the occupational therapist had some interesting insight about sensory stuff. Apparently Dominic is a "sensory seeking" kid. he needs firm pressure - which explains why tags bug him, they're too gentle. It explains why he flings himself onto the furniture, it explains why he holds toys tightly when he sleeps. Why wraps himself tightly in things - towels, etc. She didn't really say what she would do to address the sensory stuff, but its definately there. Her bigger concern was he's not imitating. She warned us because that the standardized testing is all about having the child imitate a block pattern, and he wouldn't do it, that he was going to score very low.

The speech therapist called him a puzzle. Apparently to have this big of a regression past age 3 is odd. He's definately not checked out, tho (in the sense of being autistic). She was able to engage him, and get him to look her in the eye, and play. She also will wait with bated breath for the hearing test results.

He really liked both ladies - they're both young-ish (early 20's I'd say) and pretty. He likes pretty girls.

so we go back for the official parent conference on June 6 to be presented with their findings, and then therapy will likely start the next week.

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