Wednesday, May 14, 2008

speech screen 5-14

We did the speech screen this morning. They tried to do another hearing test on him (this was the school district as opposed to the private office we'd already had it done at) but he wasn't in the mood for the big soundproof box.

The speech pathologist was very nice. She did a very simple test thing where she tried to get Dominic to tell her what the picture in a book was. He was about as cooperative for her as he is for us these days - not very. She did get to hear the babbling that has replaced most of his language, and from what she heard and saw, she recommended that we proceed with an assessment through the school. This is multiple specialist arena type assessment, where for an hour they watch him play and interact with him, and then the next hour they tell us what they think. At the end of this appointment we will either come out with an IEP saying that he needs educational services through the school, or we'll come out with paperwork saying that he doesn't need them.

They had a cancellation for this Friday morning at 8am, so we're trying to juggle our schedules in order to make that work (Rod's got to get a class covered, and I've got to get myself out of work for the morning.) If that doesn't work, then it will be sometime within 60 days (i guess that is their official clock - 60 days from screening to assessment).

so, we still know nothing. But we have another appointment.

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