Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ST and OT parent conference eval notes

Here're tidbits from the ST and OT parent conference we had today, the "standardized testing" that they did, their impressions, etc. We got in the OT and ST both once next week, and then twice a week starting in July.

Lots of big scary words. The case coordinator is the OT who evaluated him and who will be providing his therapy. When we told her that the hearing turned out to be conductive and only in one ear she mentioned that the vestibular system is managed in the inner ear, and if maybe ONE ear has damage / fluid buildup / etc, that could cause many of the things we were seeing. We mentioned the potential of brain injury from the flu and she encouraged us to proceed with finding that out.


Receptive/Expressive Language Disorder
Motor Incoordination


OT stuff:
Low-Normal Muscle tone in trunk and upper extremities
good spinal posture
bilateral joint laxity in his hands
Fair midline crossing
He has higher functioning visual motor skills, but foundation skills such as imitation are greatly impacting success
Limited attention to fine motor skills

Then based on the survey we filled out "Dominic is demonstrating a "definate difference" from his peers in the are of multisensory processing. he is also noted to be the "probable difference" classification in the areas of auditory processing, vestibular process and touch processing. This appears to be impacting him the areas of emotional reactivity, inattention / distractability,and sedentary play. he is noted to be a seeker of sensory imput"

Recommended - 6-12 months of OT (we'll be going 2x a week thru the rest of this calendar year,and then once a week based on insurance rules)

ST stuff

Testing indicated language skills in the severe range.
He uses primarily jargon with occasional real words.
Unable to answer yes/no questions.
Does engage in eye contact and follows directiosn.
Displays echolalic speech.
verall receptive and expressive speech are severely delayed.

Recommendation - miminum 1 year ST (we'll be going 2x a week thru the rest of the calendar year and then once a week, based on insurance rules)

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