Monday, October 20, 2008

More good inchstones....

On Friday, Dominic's preschool teacher had found a HUGE bumblebee in the playground, and caught it for the kids to look at. It was in a Jar. apparently Dominic spent a large portion of the afternoon gazing at it through a magnifying glass. So when i got there to pick him up, I asked what I ask every day... "Did you have fun today" And he actually answered me with a tiny little "yeah". This is huge, he's never actually answered that question. His teacher about jumped up and down. She's decided she needs to find a cool bug every day.


This weekend, Dominic made a fort in the living room. Well, I made it, and then he loved it. it involved chairs and cushions and blankets, and turned into a cool little cave where he took his thomas the train for a good long while. Great imaginative play. He giggled madly.


We went shopping yesterday, and as is his pattern, Dominic brought along a favorite toy. His choice of the day was a motorcyle. He dropped it in the car, and cried for me to pick it up. So i did. I held it, looked at him, and said "What is this" and he looked at me, looked at it, and said "Its a bike"


So we're getting some back and forth verbal interaction, which is great. We're also getting lots of non-answers, and jargon.

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Dennis said...

Awesome, great news.