Wednesday, December 10, 2008

long overdue update. of not much.

Wow, 6 weeks since my last post. Okay, I’m delinquent. Lets see what I can do cliffs notes wise.

Preschool is still going well. Dominic has a good time playing, and is working with a Speech Therapist and Early Childhood Special Ed specialist each weekly. Most days his teacher reports he’s done well behavior wise in class. Some days are more vocal than others, but none are conversational vocal, if that makes sense. His teachers have implemented a pictorial organizational system for him of his day – and he’s doing well with that kind of routine. Routine seems to be very key.

We’re still doing private OT and ST. the occupational therapy is going well… he actually wore jeans with holes in them without being bothered a week or so ago, and has been wearing clothes with tags again. The flinging himself against the furniture is less. So the sensory stuff has calmed down greatly. The speech therapy doesn’t really seem to be making much progress in making him conversational. He certainly says words when he see’s flash cards – identification stuff – and he does that for us at home a lot too, but conversational speech is pretty much non existent.

We are all getting over a long, nasty upper respitory virus, and unfortunately we’ve seen another distinct regression speech wise with Dominic as a result, which has me back to thinking that this is somehow viral related. No idea how to make a doctor understand that, and frankly no energy to try to do that this calendar year.

Hopefully January, we’ll hit things hard again in searching for a diagnosis, not sure really what direction we’re going to go, but at this point any direction that’s forward moving would be fine with us.

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