Friday, January 16, 2009

Information overload

Interesting stuff I have been reading about online. Today, Julie, the VP of Cerescan called me back. They don't do their scans on kids younger than 6, but she confirmed that they do sedated scans. She was very nice. I'm to call her back in a few years. That should be interesting.

Anyway, after hearing the current viral theory, she gave me the name Dr Micheal Goldberg, who is apparently a pioneer in NeuroImmune Dysfunction Syndrome, or NIDS. His webpage is from there I got to this interesting article:

Its all fascinating, and Julie was thrilled to hear we were going to a DAN doctor next week to talk biomedical stuff.

I'm gearing up to hear that we need to go gluten free and casien free, and probably dye free, too. should be an interesting couple of weeks to transition, but all in all, will be much healthier.

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