Wednesday, January 21, 2009

If i thought I had information overload before.... i'm totally fried now.

We just got back from a 2 hour appointment with Dr Kucera, the only DAN doctor in town. He treats autistic symptoms biomedically. The appointment was with Dr Kucera AND a licensed nutritionist - lots of info.

He actually shook my hand for not letting Dominic have any vaccines until age 2 and spacing them out. Told me that probably saved him from an earlier regression.

Gist of the appointment is that the combination of me being on antibiotics during pregnancy and having to have pitocin during labor, plus him having a genetic disposition towards toxic reactions (Rod's niece had a bad vaccine reaction), plus the history of yeast overgrowth, plus the horrible virus we think is causal all add up to a major toxin overload on his system.

I left the appointment with 3 bags of test kits for everything from peptites from gluten and casien, to heavy metals to vitamin levels. We did a skin antioxident test in the office that shows he well below normal in antioxidents, but not as low as he could be. We have urine and stool tests to take (FUN) and send in and a lot of blood to get drawn. All very overwhelming. Then as soon as we get all the initial testing done we start gluten free casien free diet, and some specific supplements. We are to go back soon for a training session on giving him B12 injections, and will have a followup apppointment to discuss test results and additional treatments probably sometime in March. Some of the testing will be covered by insurance, but a lot of it is going to be out of pocket.

Complete and absolute information overload, but the good part was at NO time during the appointment did Dr Kucera, or the nutritionist give any indication that this was not treatable. They didn't hardly at all discuss any of the therapies we've got going on.

So lots of things to do and think about....

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