Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Complete lists of test we have to get done (for Dr Kucera)

AGain, did i mention this is all overwhelming?

Homocysteine, Plasma
c-reactive protien
testoterone - free/total
Free T4
Complete metabolic panel
Lipid panel
CBC w/diff w/ pit
Antinuclear antibodies
b12 and folate
iron and ibc
B2 microglobulin
celiac panel
methylmolanic Acid
Vitamin D
IgG and IgE Food Allergin panel
NutraEval (contains metabolic analysis profile, efa profile, urine amino acids, and mineral analysis)

HAir test for mineral and toxins

Urine test for Toxic and essential elements (this is a 2 day, 6hr each day, urine catch)

Comprehensive stool analysis with parasitology (3 day test)

Urine tests:
Organic Acid Test
Gluten/Casien Peptide test

Did I mention I was overwhelmed? After we get all these tests done, then we start the Gluten Free / Casien free diet, add Cod LIver oil, Digestive Enzymes, a probiotic and something called MCT Liquid, as well as putting epsom salts in all his baths. We also go back to the doc for training on giving Dominic b12 injections which will be every 3 days. Then we have to switch all our household cleaning supplies to non-toxic

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