Thursday, January 22, 2009

well, that was bizarre.

one to file under weird - Dominic had a contact reaction to soy sauce of all things tonight. We went for sushi, and he LOVES to dip california rolls into soy sauce (plain, no wasabi). He makes a bit of a mess, in fact. Everywhere the soy sauce touched his skin, he turned red. He even had a couple of hives on his hand. I washed him off in the bathroom before we came home and by the time we got home the red was almost 50% gone. I gave him benadryl just in case.

Also, today we sent in his hair test and had 8 vials of blood pulled for various test. He'll have one more blood draw, and the urine and stool tests to go. WE're hoping to get everything done by midweek next week so we can start the diet and supplements.

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