Wednesday, February 25, 2009

notes for Dr Kucera appt tomorrow.

printed off and copies made to give to the Dr and Nutrionist upon arrival.

Specific Observations 2-26-09 Appointment

Intestinal improvements –
less stinky gas by probably 75%, less constipation, more frequent poop – up to 3-5x per day from 1-2x per day. Distended belly seems less distended by ~30%. He’s had a couple of days of diarrhea, but I can’t correlate it to anything in particular

Behavior Changes

Improvements -
He has much better attention and focus. Seems much less disconnected. He’s playing with more of his toys, whereas he ignored many of them for a long time. He’s not sitting still for more than 30-45minutes of a movie whereas before he was glued to the TV for hours per day. (before the regression, he wouldn’t sit for more than a few minutes of a movie either, so this is going back to where he was)

‘Problems’ –
He has WAY more energy – this is how he was before the regression started, we actively had to look for things to do to wear him out. This is a problem in the classroom as he’s literally running in circles around the room, and he’s showing some aggression in the form of hitting other children and not responding to adults in the gym daycares which is also problematic. He’s getting more frustrated than before about not being able to communicate, and this is resulting in more tears.

He’s gone from being very easy to get to sleep at night to fighting sleep. He does not sleep any later than 7am, generally no later than 6am, and does not nap. So its really important to get him to sleep between 7 and 8.

Speech improvements –
we can tell he’s TRYING much harder to talk. More words are coming thru, but they’re still extremely garbled. Rarely more than one at a time.

Side note: We had a babysitter before we started the protocol and again this past weekend who said he was a completely different kid, so its nice to get independent confirmation of what we think we’re seeing

Specific Questions / 2-26 appt.

General Questions

1. What is your opinion of complementary therapies, specifically ABA, OT and ST, in Dominic’s case?

2. What is your opinion of the therapies and services offered by the Alpine Autism Center, Dr David Hatfield with the Colorado Neuropsychology office, and Dr Rydell with the Rocky Mountain Autism Center up in Littleton.

3. We are getting ready to request significantly more services from D11. At present, he gets 1 hour per week of speech therapy in classroom and 1 hour a month of support from an early child hood special ed teacher. We will be asking for extended school year services, ABA therapy in classroom, possibly a dedicated classroom shadow-aide, and significantly more speech therapy. We are trying to take an advocate with us, and we have also started the ball rolling with the Resource Exchange to get him funding to pay for services. Do you recommend anything else we should specifically ask D11 for.

Nutritional Questions

1. Does the Calcium Citrate for high oxalic acid need to be given before, during, or after a meal, or does it matter as long as its at the same general time?

2. Is it a problem that he’s drinking the bathwater w/Epsom salts in it?

3. Is there anything we can do about the higher energy level/ difficulty relaxing enough to go to sleep that doesn’t involve meds? There’s a homeopathic called Calm Forte, and there’s melatonin (I have a spray), but will either of those interact with any of his current supplements in a negative way?

4. He really fights the mB12 shots. What is the effectiveness of other forms of delivery?

Testing Questions

1. In light of the news story by Huffington post released 2-25, that talked about a 2007 decision by the vaccine court ruling that showed the MMR vaccine caused acute disseminated encephalomyelitis which then caused PDD-nos – did any of the testing you did test Dominic for levels of antibodies to myelin basic protein? (we gave him tylenol w/several of his vaccines as encouraged by the nurses in Dr Maynards office)

2. Did anything we tested for show levels of glutathione?

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