Thursday, February 26, 2009

Test Results and recommended treatment / Round 1 / DAN doc

In addition to the Organic Acid test we already got in the mail, we reviewed a number of other tests.

From the assorted LabCorp blood work- this is the stuff that’s not normal

1. He’s very acidic.
2. His iron is high
3. Homocysteine is low
4. Vit D is Very Low

From the Food IgG Antibody Assessment (not anaphylactic allergies, but long term sensitivities) – the only things with reactions above very low

All Dairy forms - moderate
Eggs –low
Soy Beans – Moderate
Wheat – Moderate
Lentil – Moderate
Peas – moderate
Peanut – high
Spelt – Moderate
Garlic Moderate

Very surprised by the peanut allergy. So I’ll be finding some almond, cashew and sunflower butters and seeing which one he likes best. Also, on the eggs, we need to start rotating them so he only has them once every 4 days. This is going to make getting enough protein at breakfast a challenge. The nutritionist suggested nitrate free sausage and bacon, and chicken legs. As well as a rice protein powder.

Urine Essential Elements
Zinc – low
Lithium – Low
Copper – low

Stool Anaylsis
Not enough Beneficial Flora
Too much “bad” flora
Yeast, red blood cells
Very high Immunology markers
Low short chain fatty acids

We don’t have back yet the NutraEval or the Neuroscience Virus test. We’ve got an appointment April 15 to go over those (and are on the list in case there’s a cancellation prior to then).

Here’s the new supplements:

Actifolate (this is b6 and should help with the hyperactivity and behavior)
Vit D3 (for the deficiency)
Baking soda (to help balance his acidity)
An additional Probiotic (a second brand)
Essential GSH (adds glutathione)
Grapefruit seed extra (stronger yeast fighting – this in addition to the MCT)
Trevacor Jr (this is to help with sleep and behaviors)

Interestingly enough he did not show high toxic metals. Dr Kucera wants to retest his toxic metals in 6 months. Sometimes kids’ digestive systems are so out of balance that the chelating challenge dose doesn’t cause any chelation. But for now, we’re not going to do a chelation round.

Dr Kucera likes the program at Alpine Autism Center, and of the 3 places we’re going to visit, recommends them the most.

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