Friday, February 27, 2009

random tidbits

So our cockatiel, Herman, died last week. He was old, it was not unexpected. What was unexpected is how sad Dominic has been about it – he kept looking for Herman, and last night while he and I were at Whole Foods, he saw these small stuffed birds that tweets, and wanted one, so we got it. I thought he just wanted a new toy. When we got home, he took it and put it in Herman’s empty cage. Made us so sad. We’ve got a lead on some new birds to put in the cage so that its not empty anymore.

The OT today commented to Rod that she’s seeing Dominic lose some of his core (ab/back) strength, that he’s using his arms to push himself up instead of his core. So she wants us to start having him work on core exercises. Seems like a good time to redeem the GC Dominic got for his birthday to Art Sports from Mike and Allison (Thanks guys – amazing timing…) and get Dominic going with some trampolining and such for core strength. I talked to the folks over there and there’re a couple of smaller preschool classes he’d fit into, and it would be no big deal for Mom or Dad to come along with. We’re going over there tomorrow for a birthday party, and hopefully will get all the signing up and such done at that point.

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