Sunday, March 29, 2009

my current crazy theory.

Here's the timeline ....

May 2007 - Dominic got first and only MMR vaccine.
Jan 2008 - Dominic weaned.
Feb 2008 - nasty virus knocks us all down. I( medicated Dominic's fever with tylenol (*which happens to disrupt the body's production of glutathione, a necessary antioxident) and motrin, and kept it around 100...
March 2008 - we begin to see regression in Dominic.

So... fast forwarding.

The only virus we had interesting results on was Measles. His IgG titer was 95. Anything over 20 is immune. Explain to me how one in a series of 5 vaccines can give that high immunity.

DAN doc says lots of kids with these symptoms have high immunity to measles, but refuses to give me an antiviral because an IgG response shows immunity, an IgM response, which he didn't have, would show current infection.

Neurologist agree's with me that there's a virus in his language cortex which has caused the regression and the following system imbalances (mostly GI)

About 2 weeks ago I added to our regime Coconut Milk (apparently the lauric acid in coconut milk "unravels" virus's) and Olive Leaf Extract (a good, all round antiviral)

A week ago, out of nowhere, Dominic got a large red rash on his forearm. Well, large meaning about 1.5in in diameter. Very red. Raised, and bumpy. It looked kind of like my eczema but is not responding to any of the eczema remedies I've tried for it. It is, however, starting to go back to skin tone color from the middle working its way out. (the only pictures of measles i can find on the internet have them covering an entire body, and describe them as starting from the scalp and moving down, turning brownish as they get older - this one isolated patch, however, has the same raised bumpy look as the pictures)

Four days ago I added to the immune mix skullcap and goldenseal - skullcap for delivery to the nerve sheath, and goldenseal for strong antiviral action. Because he's allergic to garlic, i didn't add the garlic to the oral mix - i put more goldenseal, skullcap, olive leaf into a garlic oil base and have been spraying it on his feet - where all the nerves end and rubbing it in. The theory is that the nerve endings in the feet will provide the transport mechanism to get the antiviral into the nerves in the brain.

Yesterday, Dominic spiked a fever of 102.7. Remembering my conversations with Joan over at Health and Wisdom about fevers being the mechanism our body uses to eliminate bugs, and we should work the fever - i covered dominic in a pile of blankets and gave him ginger tea and water. by bedtime, the fever was down to 100.5, covered him with more blankets - when i got him up to use the bathroom at 10:30, fever was back up to 102.5. It broke sometime during the night,and today its running 98.4 and he's got a pile of energy.

So. here's my crazy theory - and it is crazy. fair warning.

The measles component of the MMR tried to take root in Dominic's system, but because he was still nursing, and getting my immunities, it was unable to fully take hold until he weaned. Then the stress of starting school a few weeks later hampered his immune system even more. Then the virus he had with the fever and cough and runny nose that DIDNT test positive for the flu... was the measles upper respiratory component. For whatever reason, maybe because it was a vaccine version and not a full wild version, the measles rash didn't show up. BUT, the visit to the doc's that day exposed Dominic to flu, which he promptly caught and we all got sick.
Fastforward to last week.
The coconut oil / olive leaf combo "unraveled" the virus enough for it to erupt in the rash on his arm.
The goldenseal/skullcap combo unlocked enough of the virus for his body to mount a fever response.

What does this mean. Really I have no idea. Its just a theory. We'll see how it plays out.

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