Thursday, March 26, 2009

a few random updates...

- The Resource Exchange got our application, and the committee met today and approved Dominic for services. What that means, i'm really not 100% sure, but i know it gets us a family support person, and i know its the first step to getting Dominic additional funding (or rather on the list to qualify for additional funding through the Medicaid waiver). So thats good news.

- We're having a snowstorm. All the weather channels have been swearing we'll be having a blizzard starting at 3pm today, which amuses me vastly. We'll see if they're at all right.

- forgot to mention last night that Rod got Dominic some new swim trunks - his old ones were too small. The new ones have the characters from the disney movie CARS on them and he liked them so much that everytime he climbed out of the pool he had to look down at his shorts.

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