Monday, March 23, 2009

swimming sunday

We had a decent weekend...

We went swimming again on Sunday, and I decided to see what would happen if I let him go under the water by himself, since he was having such fun going under water with me. So i tossed him a little bit and let him go under on his own - and he popped right up to get a breath, treaded water, and got himself onto his back. I am SO thrilled by this. I did it a few more times, and actually had him getting from a few feet away from the wall, all the way back to the wall on his own. this is so cool - exactly what I'd hoped to do - get him to the point that he doesn't panic, he gets himself back to the surface, and then to a wall or person or noodle. We will keep

We have actually found now 2 restaurants we can go out to eat at as a family, which is nice because we haven't gone out to eat together since January. They are Mimi's and Rock Bottom Brewery.


updated because i forgot to add - dominic for the first time EVER took himself to the bathroom this morning BEFORE coming into our room. Generally he wants an audience first thing in the morning.

AND - while he won't go get dressed when i say go get dressed, we are now to the point that he puts everything on by himself (with some verbal cues, not as many as before), and we've just expanded to having him get out what he wants to wear from the dresser. again, w/verbal cues. but hey, its a step forward.
The weekend was gorgeous and Dominic spent a LOT of time playing outside, which was good.

this week is officially spring break, so no school or D11 stuff.

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